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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Mexico City: Authorities Arrest 'The Accountant', The Man Who Shot Salvador Cabañas

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Salvador Cabañas found sudden retirement after an incident at the Bar Bar in Mexico City, at the height of his career.

Francisco José B., El Contador, who was arrested this Thursday morning by elements of the Attorney General's Office (FGR), was one of the most wanted criminals 12 years ago.

The subject was involved in the attack on the former Club de Fútbol America striker, Salvador Cabañas, which occurred in 2010, and although at that time he had been arrested for crimes against health, he was already free.

El Contador was an accomplice of  José Jorge Balderas Garza aka El JJ, who triggered the weapon that injured the Paraguayan soccer player in the bathroom of a nightclub in Mexico City.

According to the inquiries, the detainee is identified as an accomplice of José Jorge Balderas, alias 'El JJ'.

‘El Contador is also designated as an alleged drug dealer in the State of Mexico and although in 2010 he would have been arrested for the attack against the former soccer player, he was released.

'El JJ' was arrested in 2011 by elements of the Federal Police in compliance with an arrest warrant against him for his probable participation as an operator of Édgar Valdez Villarreal, alias "La Barbie".


The incident occurred in the early hours of January 25, 2010, when José Jorge Balderas Garza, El JJ, shot the former player in the head in the building's bathrooms, which put the Guarani on the verge of death.

El Mariscal underwent emergency surgery, although the bullet lodged in his brain could not be removed.

After a few months hospitalized, the former player was discharged.

Tributes in both Mexico and Paraguay were present.

Likewise, Salvador Cabañas remembered what happened and in one of the interviews he gave in September 2010 at the inauguration of a rehabilitation center in Morelos, he recalled why the incident with El JJ occurred.

The reality is that in that game (against Morelia) he had scored two or three goals, it seems to me, and the team won, supposedly he bet against us and that's why it happened. I don't remember very well, but that's as far as I remember," he added.

Cabañas thanked America for the fact that they did everything possible so that he could return to the soccer fields.

The former Paraguayan player is still linked to soccer. He has participated in different matches of legends both in Mexico and in other countries.

Likewise, in May 2019 he joined the technical staff of the Cafetaleros de Chiapas, whose coach, at that time, was Gabriel Pereyra.

Prior to the Legend Esperiencie duel in June 2021, the Guarani manifested himself as one more Mexican.

“I always say that I am like one more Mexican, I lived almost my entire life in Mexico and I will always be grateful to the institutions that hired me,” he mentioned.

Cabañas has also shared his experience so that people have a positive mindset.

"I am at peace because Jesus Christ gave me another opportunity and because I am here sharing with all the people," he said.

Directing the Club de Fútbol America? It is one of his goals.

El Contador is pointed out as an accomplice of El JJ, who was released a few years ago.

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  1. Who was released a few months ago, el JJ???
    Now "La Chiva" Sylvia Irabién will have to go and hide somewhere safe.

  2. That never would have happened in the USA a murderer released?

  3. I was under the impression he was shot by JJ. The title says otherwise. Then it says JJ was the shooter. Thank you Mexico. Love ya much. Blame it on somebody. Then let them go. Fuck it. Nobody cares.


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