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Friday, March 4, 2022

In 23 Actions Carried Out In The Álvaro Obregón Borough, And With The Collaboration Of SEDENA And The GN, Members Of The SSC Arrested 50 People And Seized More Than Two Thousand Doses Of Apparent Drugs

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

• During the execution of seven search warrants, 16 people were arrested and 2,143 packages with apparent narcotics, 11 cell phones, useful cartridges and a ballistic vest were seized.

• Of the 50 people arrested, 12 of them are consumers, so they could be released considering their status as drug addicts.

As part of the actions to combat high-impact crimes, within the framework of the Citizen Security Strategy, in the Álvaro Obregón Borough, members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, in coordination with personnel from the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) and the National Guard (GN), carried out 23 police actions at strategic points, where 50 people were arrested for crimes against health, possession of a firearm and bribery.

In the Lomas de Becerra neighborhood, members of the three institutions implemented an operational deployment to execute seven search warrants for the same number of buildings, where they seized more than two thousand packages with apparent drugs, firearms and cell phones, they were also detained. 16 people, including a woman identified as the leader of a criminal cell that generates violence.

In another action, at a home located on Giotto Street, in the Alfonso XIII neighborhood, another search warrant was executed for Crimes against health, where doses containing a substance with the characteristics of the drug known as crystal were seized; while in a property on Cerrada Porfirio Díaz street, in the Santa Fe neighborhood, another search warrant was carried out where three men and a woman were arrested and more than 200 doses of apparent marijuana and cocaine were seized.

On the other hand, derived from the patrols implemented in said mayor's office, and for the commission of crimes committed on public roads, 11 people were arrested, possible members of a criminal group, in the neighborhoods Ampliación Tlacuitlapa II, Arcos de Centenario, Liberación Proletario, Lomas de Capula, Norte and Merced Gómez, Gamitos and Santa Fe, and about a thousand doses of apparent drugs were seized, as well as two firearms.

Meanwhile, in the Santa Fe neighborhood, two more men, probably related to a criminal group, were arrested while exchanging doses of apparent marijuana, and carrying cash.

It should be noted that, of the 30 people detained during this operational deployment in the Álvaro Obregón Borough, 12 were identified as buyers, so it is likely that the Public Ministry agent will order their release, considering their status as drug addicts.

In addition, derived from a crossing of information, it was learned that 27 of the detainees have criminal records or referrals to the Public Ministry for serious crimes such as Crimes against Health, Carrying a firearm, Homicide, Cover-up by reception and Resistance. of individuals.

During the ministerial proceedings, the properties were sealed and under the protection of the authorities; while the insured and the detained persons, who were informed of their legal rights, remained at the disposal of the corresponding Public Ministry agent, who will continue with the investigation of the case and define their legal situation.

It should be noted that the operational deployment was carried out without the use of violence and at all times it was carried out in strict adherence to the protocols of police action, use of force and respect for human rights.

The persons mentioned in this communication are presumed innocent and will be treated as such at all stages of the procedure until their responsibility is declared by a sentence issued by the Jurisdictional Body, in terms of the National Code of Criminal Procedures.

The SSC, the National Guard and SEDENA, in accordance with their functions and powers, reiterate their commitment to the public to carry out coordinated investigation actions and develop specific operations to combat crimes that allow the generators of violence that cause harm to be stopped. to the inhabitants of Mexico City.



  1. Why all of the sudden actions are being taken???? Possibly because people are saying Obrador is a lazy butt?

    1. Maybe it was a part of his plan all along. Focus on infrastructure, education, social programs and creating an effective crime fighting plan for the first 3 years of his term. Im guessing the next 3 years will be finishing those projects that were initiated and taking action on the crime fighting strategy. Obrador is smart and has been far from lazy. The thing is that not unless you really dig will you find information on all of the projects taking place. Their has been a smear campaign taking place on the media's part. They took his "abrazos no balazos" catchphrase and irresponsibly reappropriated it.

    2. 2:57 ALMO nuthugger Mongol
      I knew I am able to sniff you out. Same MF that said he is busy building barracks for the military,but no action. The worst President Mexico ever had, your blind like a bat of the tins of homicides, that have happened on his watch lol.😂

    3. 413 AMLO is the best modern day mexican president and his term isnt even over. You just don't know that because you're too busy picking your nose and eating your boogers like a mongolito. Lol. The funny thing is you're not even mexican. You make stupid comments with no truth to back them up.

    4. 2:57 how did that plane raffle turn out? How's the Abrazos no balazos? I hear there's plenty of balazos still..

    5. 4:13 your right he is a nutthugger of AMLO. He is a fool. Michoachangos Cjng going down.

    6. 2:57, I totally agree with you. And who owns alot of the infrastructure for those smear campaigns,the corrupt politicians, business men/women, etc. They don't want their meal tickets to end and/or end up in prison. There's alot of ignorant comments on here about AMLO, but it just shows the ignorance of that individual. I was starting to climb on that band wagon,but ran into some of the things he was doing (which never seems to make the papers let alone make headlines, such as social security for older Mexicans for the first time ever, but what do you expect when a large part of the media is tainted. Case in point, look at all the things that happen cartel wise that dont even make the papers). Anyways, after running into some things I started doing some digging and the man is doing alot. Has already done more then any previous president and he's barely at mid term, but those ignorant people prefer to spend their time and energy on running their mouths insted of seeing if there might be any truth in what we're saying. All those with doubts, look into it. You might be surprised.

    7. @914 I would put more blame on the guy who actually purchased it, not the guy who got rid of it. From my understanding the storage and maintenance of that airplane cost more than what the plane was worth. If AMLO got rid of it, I'm sure it was to save money.

      His critics will speak negatively on any action he takes and try to cast a shadow on all of the positive effort put out. As my humble opinion stated, a lot of the mexican media companies are owned by the corrupt businesses men, women and politicians. So of course the majority of the reports and articles put out there on AMLO are going to be negative stories.

      Myhumbleopinion put out some youtube links on another comment with a lot of interesting information in regards to National projects taking place. I subscribed to the channel because it contains good information. I also suggest looking at the official mexico government website. All of the government projects at hand are broken down and categorized and updated weekly. Same goes for AMLOs YouTube channel. It's all categorized under the Playlist tab according to projects and topics. If you're going to regurgitate information atleast do it straight from the source, not from a second hand source with a specific agenda. These media outlets manipulate or edit quotes and videos to create a narrative. They provide you with snippets of a whole dialog and paint a distorted picture. Perfect example is the catch phrase, "abrazos no balazos" they took that and ran with it, while ignoring or failing to show the dialog as a whole.

    8. 10:50 please don't blame ignorance, Anti-AMLO propagandistas know they are wrong, but they have sold out and AMLO refuses to buy them or their BS with chayote, propaganda from loretito, brozo, milenio, televisa, claudio xicotencatl el X and his daddy, maerker, la aristegui, aims to extorting chayote from the government while AMLO has told them there is "pura verga, si quieren", you are right and don't give up.

  2. US is disneyland compared to Mexico

  3. Viva Almo. Should be King por vida instead of 6year president

    1. Yes Troll now run along go help mom with chores.

    2. 252. Where has AMLO failed. Let's talk about mexico as a whole. Education, infrastructure, social programs and crime. Don't just give us your opinion on crime. Cover everything without insults. Let's see how smart and informed you claim to be.

  4. It is useless to talk with ignorant brainwashed dope heads, "ALMO" has been THE PRESIDENTE for only 3 years, and I bvb is hard to reverse the damages done to Mexico for the last 100 years of revolutionary governments that include the carrancismo noe called "neoliberalismo" conservador in 3 years, but AMLO is trying, and if he fails, it won't be because of his lack of effort, but because of traitors, naysayers and chayoteros hijos de su puta madre.


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