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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Aguascalientes: Cartel de Sinaloa Executes El Choringo

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This morning the drug banners returned to our city, they were presumably placed by the criminal group Carteles Unidos.

The narco messages were located on Juventino Rosas street, in the Versalles subdivision, second section, in the primary high school.

Narco message reads as follows:

We killed Choringo because he was working with that turncoat Ruben Jimenez Enrique aka El Rubio, who is still working behind the prison walls of the Aguascalientes Cereso with the complicity and guidance of the staff. All this is possible on the account of him having bought them out. 

As long as they operate in this manner we will continue to kill everyone who works with or supports these dumb assess. Sincerely, Cartel de Sinaloa 30 and CU

Commander Lorenzo, it’s in your best interest for you to stop your bullshit. Otherwise, we’re going to start dropping the bodies of assholes like this faggot turncoat Choringo. 

Just as well we will also snitch you out for all the shit you’re doing. Commander Jairo, your narco lifestyle has also come to an end. You will calm down with your bullshit. Or else we will kill assholes like this traitorous fag Choringo. Your dirty deeds will also be made known to everyone. 

The Predator Max

La Verdad del Centro


  1. They openly and casually admit to snitching like its the thing to do ? Lol ! How anyone can cheerlead nuthug and cocksuck on behalf of these cowards is beyond me . Rats one and all armed cowards preying on the unarmed populace like they are elite soldiers of fortune .Makes me sick to think people aspire to be like these punk mother fuckers ! Thats how fucked up things are these days . Fucking Pathetic !

    1. You can blame the media, the chapo net flix, the exaggerated corridos and you can blame narco president AMLO and his corrupted government buddies 😉

  2. Replies
    1. Hola Ricardo Lopez Sanchez, Martinez del Carmen Tobsna.

    2. Buenos dias
      Rixhardo Garcia del Las Cruces, ye Las Mayas El Racho Sesepe.

    3. Orale Richrdo Pancho de Las rats del Guadulupe, Jeses Herrerea

  3. ISIS joints with Alqeda versus Mexican cartels, who would win?

  4. 2:11 your mama won,
    and got you 7 fathers


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