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Friday, March 4, 2022

Aguascalientes: Sinaloa Gunmen Responsible For Choringo’s Execution Apprehended

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

On Wednesday afternoon, an alleged drug distributor nicknamed "El Choringo" was shot outside his home located in the San Marcos neighborhood.

The victim was shot four times in the chest and, although his relatives transferred him to receive medical attention to a private clinic, hours later he died.

Later and after a series of operations, PDI agents captured three of the hitmen.
The fatal victim was identified as Rafael, alias "El Choringo", 45 years old.

The bloody events were recorded at 5:40 p.m. on Pueblito Street near the corner of David Reynoso Street, in the San Marcos neighborhood.

It was established that the armed attack was perpetrated by three hitmen who were traveling in a gold shaded Nissan Sentra, who caught Rafael outside his home.

The aggressors escaped to Circunvalación Poniente Avenue and, despite the fact that preventive police from the Pocitos Detachment and the Centro area implemented an operation that extended to the north of the city, they failed to find their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the victim's relatives placed him in the box of a white Chevrolet Tornado pick up.  And transferred him for medical attention at the Guadalupe Clinic, where he was admitted in critical condition. Shortly after 8 p.m. he was pronounced dead. At the scene of the execution, several 40 caliber bullet casings were located.


Through the surveillance cameras of the C5 SITEC, the escape route of the hitmen was followed, which allowed, at 7:00 p.m., a group of PDI agents to search a house located on Pascual Cornejo Brun Street, in the Progreso neighborhood, where two individuals suspected of being related to the execution were arrested.

Subsequently, the group of investigative police moved to the Central Bus Station, where they arrested another person involved, who intended to escape to the city of Guadalajara.

As of last night, investigations continued by agents of the Homicide Group of the PDI, staff of the Directorate of Expert Investigation and the agent of the Public Ministry of Hospitals.

It was reported that Rafael, alias "El Choringo," had a criminal record for crimes against health. Likewise, on June 7, 2010, his brother Arturo, alias "El Pájaro", was executed on David Reynoso Street near the corner of Pueblito Street, in the San Marcos neighborhood.

In April 2011, ministerial police managed to capture one of the hitmen who participated in this execution, identified as Manuel Alejandro, alias "El Humen".

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  1. The law was quick to catch SINALOA hitmen.
    But on the Michoacan massacre of 17 unarmed persons attending a funeral, the law arrived 3 hours later, only to see the floors washed down and the dead bodies nowhere to be found.
    Cjng did the killings. Prime example that cjng has more favoritism from Obradors government.

    1. Read the book Wolf Boys. In 2006, z-40 said that when their man wins the election they get a free reign. Their mam lost to cauldron. Who's was running against him? AMLO. Weird how CJNG is operating with impunity these days.

    2. Interesting how holding office enrichment follows. Democracy has its benefits; Spreading the wealth among new faces.

    3. That's funny, last I checked Menchos son, daughter wife and brother in laws were in jail. How does that fall under operating with impunity?

      According to official reports and articles found on this very website that massacre was a settling of scores between to 2 feuding armed wings of the same cartel. Those 17 sicarios that were slaughtered won't be missed by any stand up community members. You can bet on that.

    4. 4:22. Look at their rapid expansion in the past four years and look at the relatively light sentences his children got.if he would've won in 06, threre would've been hugs, not bullets for Zetas.CJNG are so corny. They're always swinging on Mencho's dick. He would be a mule if it wasn't for his in-laws' money. All that war and over the to violence is going to fuck them just like the Zetas.


    5. 4:22, you're right. You don't even mention the hits they've tooken these last couple of months, including M-2's death. I know that hurt them. Also, the C-5 cameras played a big role in them getting caught and I'm sure that little town doesn't have them (although I could be wrong). Not saying law enforcement did it's best, seems like they were scared, but three or four against 20 that had AKs, etc, they would've gotten slaughtered. The 3 hours later part though is suspect as hell. If local law enforcement is bought, it'll only make it that much more difficult for the real ones to do their jobs. AMLO is not at fault there. Things ain't as clean cut there as in the states.

    6. 8:53 se la come, cruda...

  2. Uh no, ALMO hitting Jalisco hard by supporting cds y CU.

    You Sinaloa cock gobblers got spoiled with Oviedo.


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