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Friday, March 4, 2022

Santa Catarina, Nuevo León: An Armed Criminal Cell Ambushes The Police

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Video translation is as follows:

Armed men ambushed Santa Catarina police officers who were conducting a nighttime security operation. Unleashing terror among the neighbors of various sectors. The balance of crossfire was a seriously injured police officer. In addition, an alleged criminal and a woman unrelated to the events wounded by bullets. The source revealed that the confrontation led to the uniformed men detaining a man.

Whose crime was not specified. It was detailed that the armed criminals were traveling in a truck and a compact car when they tried to free the detainee who was handcuffed and transferred in patrol car # 1006, which presented multiple impacts from the shooting. In the exchange of bullets, a uniformed policeman suffered at least 3 gunshots and was transferred to the University Hospital.

While the alleged criminal was injured in one hand and was sent to a hospital. The patrol was shot at the intersection of Calle Coatlicue and Calle Chimalpopoca in the Cimas del Poniente neighborhood. In addition to that sector, there were other areas of an armed confrontation between men and municipal police officers where a woman who was asleep in her home was hit by a stray bullet.

The events began minutes before 2 am on Friday in the streets of the Eugenio Canavati neighborhood. And it spread to other sectors of the municipality. Where neighbors warned of the dangerous situation through social media networks. The sound of gunshots were videotaped by residents of some neighborhoods. Among those communities were Las Palmas, Villas de San Humberto, Privadas del Poniente, Rincón de Las Mitras, and various sectors of La Fama.

The neighbors were alarmed by the multiple gunshots from short and long firearms. And the gunfire spread throughout the morning. Later, the presence of ministerial and military agents increased in the area due to various surveillance and protection tours. Hours before the attack, the security operation began in the streets of the Puerta Mitras neighborhood. Which was headed by Mayor Jesús Nava.

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