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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Michoacán: 3 Engineers Disappear In The Avocado Area That The CJNG And United Cartels Dispute

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They are kidnapped in the same place where drug traffickers threatened to kill an American, forcing the importation of avocados to be suspended prior to the Super Bowl.

Engineers were kidnapped in a drug cartel war zone in Mexico.

The Mexican police investigate the disappearance of three young engineers in an avocado production area, in the violent state of Michoacán, who are disputed by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and the so-called United Cartels. The kidnapping of these engineers occurred in Uruapan, the same municipality, where drug traffickers threatened a US supervisor, for which the Joe Biden government suspended the importation of Mexican avocados 24 hours before the Super Bowl.

"I don't know if he arrived, bring the phone off," the wife of one of the disappeared, identified as David, wrote on her social networks. She narrated that the last time she spoke on the phone with him, she told him that she was very close to arriving at her destination.

In Érika's case, her family has not been able to contact her; the last time she spoke with her mother was Tuesday, February 22. "On Thursday, a brother of the guy who is also missing calls me, one of the two, and that's when the alarm goes off and we start asking questions," the victim's sister explained to Mexican media.

"The only thing we have, as well as information, is that they came approximately from Tancítaro or Uruapan to here," added the relatives of the disappeared. It is worth mentioning that the young people are originally from Jalisco, the state where the CJNG has its base of operations.

The threat to an American inspector

It should be remembered that prior to the Super Bowl, an event in which tons of guacamole are consumed, a sauce for which the main ingredient is the Mexican avocado, the United States decided to cancel the importation of this fruit. The reason was that one of their supervisors visited the avocado producers in the municipality of Uruapan, Michoacán, but received a call from a drug cartel threatening him with death.

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  1. Replies
    1. Think that's funny huh Rambo. They kidnap 3 young people and the chances of them not coming outt of it alive is pretty high. But to you it's a joke. And here I thought you were better than that. Hopefully you never see yourself or your loved ones in that situation. If you did I don't think you'd be cracking jokes about it.

  2. Pinches lacras no trabajan ni Dejan trabajar esos pendejos!

    Gracias AMLO por Dejan a Los carteles que agan y desagan

    Gracias narco-presidente AMLO

    1. Calderon declared war on the cartels during his term. That war took place in Michoacan and what was the result of that war? You still have the same issue at hand. Peña Nieto allowed the autodefensas to arm themselves. No where else in mexico can a civilian arm themselves in a way that it's done in Michoacan. The cartels infiltrated the autodefensas and now the army cannot distinguish an autodefensa from a cartel member. How did Michoacan improve as a result? If neither Calderon nor Peña Nieto were able to stop the cartels how do you expect AMLO to do so? How do you put the blame on AMLO? AMLO comes in to office and takes on an already unstable country because both of his predesesors had negotiated with the cartels through Garcia Luna. honestly, what do you think should be done or tried in Michoacan to combat the crime and violence.

    2. 9:02 Almo nuthugger.

      ALMO and his cabinet have had more, than 2 years, to do something about the violence and high Homicides yearly, actually in the world MEXICO tops #1 in Homicides. Take those dirty glasses off, so you can see the big picture, recently Calderon put him on the spot, que no hace nada El mindego grammpa.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 751 Michoachango pendejo. You are a part of the problem not the solution. You're so concerned with what the media feeds you that you ignore or are blinded by everything else that AMLO is doing. May e if you cleaned your dirty shit stained glasses would you realize that the confrontations between the military and the criminals never stopped. You fail to realize that year after year crime was doubling under the last to presidents and only up until now has it leveled out with this last year having decreased by 3,000. Now 3k may not sound like a lot to a negative Michoachango like yourself but think of it in terms of filling a baseball stadium and one third of the people being dead. Now again, the fights between the military and the cartels has never stopped, check the archives, the proof is there. What did Calderon do? How effective was his strategy? He declared war on the cartels in michoacan and look at it, its a mess. Not much was accomplished. Same goes for peña nieto. How do you declare war on crime with no plan? for the past 3 years AMLO has been building military barracks throughout the nation. 250 so far with 250 to go and 150 in Michoacan alone. Again it may not seem like a lot to you because you're a negative Michoachango but it's definitely more than anything Calderon and Peña Nieto did. As a matter of fact, you know what them 2 pendejos did, they negotiated with the cartels through garcia Luna. But ok, keep saying AMLO does nothing, and how he "takes bribes" and how he's a narco president. At the end of the day you're the one who comes off as ignorant. The facts are there.

    5. Lol at 3:15
      They finished telling him about what Obrador is not doing, and still cry's foul. Cabeson lover de Obrador .

    6. 1219 AMLO militarized all ports of entry, Land and sea. Clashes between cartels and the government have not stopped, on average there is 1 a day. 250 military barracks have been built with a projected 250 to go. A new airport was built with an airforce facility. Under AMLOs administration there have been more extraditions to the u.s than the last 3 presidential terms combined. There has been more prosecutions of corrupt officials under AMLO than any previous administration. Since Calderon declared the war on drugs, homicides doubled on average year after year. For the first 2 years of AMLO'S term, homicides hovered around 36k a year with last year being the first year they dropped about 3k. Do you understand that 1219? Homicides went down for the first time in 15 years. The whole "almo is enpt" " no servi para nada" " AMLO nuthuggers" is getting old. AMLO's strategy is starting to yield positive results. At this point you're starting to look even more dumb every time you make a comment.

    7. Pinches AMLO groupies 😆

      Firs there was CDS groupies
      Later cjng groupies and now we have amlo groupies in denial he's a narco president.
      Fuck you AMLO lawyer!

    8. 950 you bring nothing productive to this conversation or any conversation for that matter. You're a cinic. Everything you comment on is negative. The funny thing is it could be right in front of your face as I just showed you but you're so stubborn and stuck in your negative thoughts and opinions that you won't even give it a chance. Instead you'll resort to name calling. All you're doing is exposing yourself.
      Has AMLO "negotiated" with the narcos? Of course he has. But keep in mind it was for good reasons. Not for personal gain, or atleast that we know of... its a necessary evil, everyone dances with the devil. Even the U.S has cooperated with criminal groups. Just look at CDS.

  3. Pinches CU culeras Nomas porque eran de Jalisco los levantaron

  4. Pie for everybody!

    1. Did you say pppppiiieeeee!
      I will take a Chest Blaster pie, whatever Sosa call it thanks.

    2. "Military issue" chest rig pie?

    3. Rhino what is military issue chest rig pie?

  5. More like CJNG the new Zetas... Eat a dik

    1. Why you always talking about diks cuernudo🤔.

    2. Did someone mention dik?
      I like the 12" hot dogs.
      Hello staff
      Sol love you lots

      Red Panties Rubio NYC

    3. 1158...I see you Chappelle!


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