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Friday, March 25, 2022

15 Kilos And 50 Liters Of Methamphetamine Seized In Sanalona, Culiacan

 "Ivan" from Borderland Beat 

The Attorney General's Office seized 15 kilos and 50 liters of methamphetamine and more than a thousand liters of chemical precursors in the Sanalona syndicate.

The Public Ministry, through the Specialized Regional Control Prosecutor's Office (FECOR) Sinaloa Delegation, initiated an investigation folder for a crime against health.

According to the investigation folder, elements of the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) located a probable laboratory used for the production of synthetic drugs and handed over the site to the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) and Expert Services personnel, to carry out inspection, prosecution and investigation work.

The place was located in the vicinity of the Sanalona in Culiacán, where 15 kilos nine grams and 50 liters of methamphetamine, 920 liters of acetone, 320 liters of hydrochloric acid and 250 liters of toluene were seized.

In addition, 57 liters of substance containing benzyl cyanide, gas tanks, centrifuges, reactors and fans.

The insured remained at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry, which continues with the integration of the investigation folder against the person or persons responsible for the aforementioned crime.



  1. Remember who your boss really is!!!
    A US diplomat has urged Mexican legislators to join Washington in supporting Ukraine against Russia after his Russian counterpart encouraged Mexico to defy “Uncle Sam”.

    “The Russian ambassador was here yesterday making a lot of noise about how Mexico and Russia are so close. This, sorry, can never happen. It can never happen,” Ken Salazar, the US’s ambassador to Mexico, said in remarks at Mexico’s lower house of Congress.

    “We have to be in solidarity with Ukraine and against Russia,” he said.

    1. Hi cornelis Truther Graham.
      I want Gumbo in the morning.

    2. Hi Karen. Mexico sides with no one.

    3. Why Cornelius say he has big ones, when actually they are little and he lies alot and says truther, what a dork.

    4. Nuts truther is right though
      AMLO is just a puppet for 🇺🇸
      Every mexican president is a puppet and that's why those narco presidents don't get charged foe drug trafficking or getting brives.
      There's plenty of proof the last 5 Mexican presidents were NARCO PRESIDENTS. Chapo trial exposed a couple of them and how much money chapo brived them for 💰

    5. @1259 1259 thank you for your jibberish now go back to sleep.

    6. @9:42. "If you eat alone, you die alone." - Gambino crime family capo to a soldier caught holding back on tribute.

  2. AMLO has stated that México is non interventionist country and considers intervention an horrible thing, other regimes have gone against this basic principle of mexican diplomacy, established away before AMLO was born, and have come to regret it while their chicken hawks that favored wars and interventions in foreign countries stayed home and made billions of dollars of profits off their wars.

    1. “Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.”
      -some guy

    2. 9:38 so said by Benito Juarez Garcia, zapotec indian from oaxaca and a shepherd who became Presidente de México after defeating blonde aristocrat Maximiliano de Habsburg and his french legionaries, with help of Oaxaca Cavalry Captain Porfirio Diaz Mori, Ignacio Zaragoza and general Jesus Gonzalez Ortega, also said "no hipotecar el pais"

    3. Glad you know your history not like some other ignorants who don't even know their national anthem either Mexican or American.


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