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Friday, March 25, 2022

The DEA Began Tracking El Huevo's Location At A Treviño Family Party Back in November 2021

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A few months before his arrest and deportation, the leader of the Northeast cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN), Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, alias “El Huevo” attended a party which the DEA was said to have been monitoring. 

Proceso Reveals DEA’s Monitoring of Treviño Family Parties

Proceso magazine recently revealed exclusive details about the monitoring of El Huevo done by the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the months leading up to the operation which captured him. In an article published on March 22, 2022, the publication alleged that the DEA monitored the flight of El Huevo’s cousin as he flew from London, England, to the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Photo of El Huevo taken on March 15, 2022, during his transfer to US custody.

It should be noted that El Huevo comes from the Treviño Morales crime family, who famously helmed Los Zetas and later its splinter group CDN. El Huevo’s father is Juan Francisco Treviño Morales, one of the Treviño Morales siblings and a brother of Miguel Angel Treviño, alias “Z40”. This means that a cousin of El Huevo could refer to a child of another Treviño Morales sibling.  

Another photo of El Huevo taken on March 15, 2022, during his transfer to US custody.

Many of the children of the Treviño Morales siblings have not been publicly identified and their existence only comes to light after they get involved in newsworthy events. It is especially hard to keep track of all of the children because there are thirteen Treviño Morales siblings. 

Regardless, this cousin of El Huevo was said to have been in London because he was enrolled as a student at a prestigious private school in England. He had taken the flight back to Mexico because it was his 15th birthday and his family was hosting a large birthday celebration for him. The event was said to have been hosted in “a luxurious hall” in the city of Nuevo Laredo. 

Three award-winning bands, La Trakalosa, Sonora Dinamita and Recoditos were said to have been hired to perform at the boy’s birthday, serenading the guests during the party which took place on the night of November 6, 2021 and continued until the early morning hours of November 7, 2021. 

Photo of El Huevo being escorted by authorities, photo presumed to be taken on March 14, 2022.

At some point, the atmosphere of the party was said to have become tense because El Huevo, along with an entourage of “a good number of armed men” arrived. El Huevo was said to have congratulated his cousin, stayed for 15 minutes and then left the party. Although Huevo’s appearance was brief, Proceso writes that it lasted for “enough time for the DEA to locate him and follow his movements. From that point on, his downfall began.”

The Identity of the Mystery Cousin

The article then details a video message from the father of the birthday boy which was projected onto a screen during the party. His father was said to be in prison and during the video he told his son "not to get into mischief" and to behave like a good man. 

This detail about the cousin’s father being in prison allows us to narrow down the possibilities of his parentage and examine how he is likely related to El Huevo. 

The thirteen Treviño Morales siblings are Juan Francisco (1955), Arcelia (1957), Irma (1959), Alicia (1961), Rodolfo (1963), María Guadalupe (1964), José (1966) , Ana Isabel (1968), Jesús (1970), Miguel Ángel (1973), Oscar Omar (1976), Cristina (1978) and Adolfo (1980). 

Of these 13, we know the following are currently held in prison: 

José Treviño Morales (1966), alias “Z43” was sentenced to 20 years in US prison in May 2013.

Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales (1973), alias “Z40”, is currently held in a Mexican prison. In Mexico, sometimes convicts are quietly released from prison prior to serving their minimum sentence, with the general public none the wiser. But as of 2021, Miguel was known to still be held in prison as details about his transfer to a Chiapas prison made headlines.

Óscar Omar Treviño Morales (1976), alias “Z42”, was sentenced to 19 years in a Mexican prison in July 2019. As of 2020, Óscar was known to still be held in prison as he was fighting a legal battle against the possibility of being transferred to the maximum security prison Altiplano, in the State of Mexico.

That being said, the various husbands of the Treviño Morales sisters are shrouded in mystery and could currently be in prison. Of all the sisters, the two who have formally been alleged to be involved in criminal activity are Arcelia (1957) and Ana Isabel (1968). 

One of the few known male cousins of El Huevo is Juan Cisneros Treviño, alias "Juanito". According to cartel twitter account La Voz del Pueblo, Juanito is the firstborn of Ana Isabel Treviño Morales, and the half brother of Ana Isabel’s other children, who are: 

  • Sofía Del Carmen Monsiváis Treviño, alias "La Mojón"
  • Orlando Monsiváis Treviño, alias "El Rolis" (sometimes spelled “El Rolys”)
  • Carlos Alberto Monsiváis Treviño, alias “La Bola” 

Orlando and Carlos Alberto are two other known male cousins of El Huevo however they are both currently believed to be in prison and therefore unable to be students at a private school in London or attending birthday parties. 

However, if La Voz is correct in saying that Juanito is Ana Isabel’s oldest child, then this also eliminates Juanito from potentially being the cousin with the November 2021 birthday party, because as someone older then Sofia del Carmen, he would be much older than 15 years old.

Furthermore, after El Huevo was arrested, there were rumors (seen in tweets such as this and this) that Juanito had been leading an internal war within CDN against the leadership of El Huevo, a feat that a 15 year old at a school in London could hardly pull off.

This leaves us with no clear candidate for the mystery cousin whose birthday ultimately ended the criminal career of El Huevo, leader of CDN, but does leave us with some intriguing questions about potential sons of famous Los Zetas figures like Z40, Z42, and Z43.


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  6. Can we just ask the DEA about who is the cousin?

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    1. Jesús Treviño Morales was killed in 2004 and Adolfo Treviño Morales was killed in 2006. According to the article I read long ago. Apparently killed by their own cartel for not playing by the rules. Who knows if it is true.

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