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Friday, March 25, 2022

Banners Displayed, With A Threat To Claudia Sheinbaum In Tláhuac, Mexico City

 "Ivan" from Borderland Beat 

On the esplanade of the Tláhuac Borough, a narco-banner was spread threatening the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the capital's Secretary of Security, Omar García Harfuch, with a text signed with the acronym "MZ ”, same that refer to Mayo Zambada, founder of the Sinaloa Cartel. In said letter, which was made in black and red letters on a blanket, the mayor of the demarcation Berenice Hernández and the former mayor Rigoberto Salgado are singled out for allowing an atmosphere of violence in the demarcation.

Various names of subjects allegedly linked to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were reflected in the message, which cause terror in the entity.

"This message goes to Claudia Sheinbaum and Omar García Harfuch, because Berenice and Rigoberto Salgado have too much power, they have already been through so much extortion, kidnapping, homicide and robbery and they pose as CJNG, Luis Alejandro Rioja Cárdenas, Alfonso Benítez Ortiz " Poncho”, Jesús Benítez Ortiz (Chucho), Sergio Rioja Uriarte, I hope they take action because here they will go 100 for 35. MZ”,

 was the text embodied in the blanket, which until now has not been confirmed or denied by the authorities.

It is important to emphasize that "El poncho" was arrested and identified last May 2018 as a direct collaborator of Miguel Ángel Pérez Ramírez, "El MK", son of Jesús Pérez Luna, "El ojos", according to the Secretary of Security Public Capital (SSP).

Likewise, on February 14, the capital's Secretary of Security reported that leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel sent representatives to CDMX with the intention of expanding the narcotics market.

Continuing with the above, Harfuch assured that the criminal organization already has a presence, and it is estimated that it wants to expand its domain in the capital.



  1. Semites should not be in charge of Spanish people. Research Marranno Jews/ Castro Trudeau/ Fascism.

    1. 3:29 Lebanese Mafia of Carlos slim helu helping CSH Plataforma whose sole intent is to steal AMLO's 4ta transformacion, all the savings, and all of México since the 60s...

  2. ", I hope they take action because here they will go 100 for 35" means???

  3. Omar Hamid Garcia Harfuch makes up shit to make points with Claudia, the possible next president of México, giving people nicknames is a classic move of mexican police who then moves against their marks, harfuch is also their to genarco garcia Luna and luis cardenas palomino and still denies his role in Ayotzinapa, he is the Ghost of Ayotzinapa, but he was there.

  4. Ivan
    The Mexician Government sure comes up, with backwards thinking mentality....

    1. AMLO told Trump back then open the borders and let the car and of person from Central America in.

    2. AMLO speechwriter wrote to news outlets the the president gets up a 5am, to fight violence against women.

    3. Allows Evo Morales of Bolivia to stay, since Bolivia keep him out, ALMO got tired of him , leaves to Argentina.

    4. In today's news..Morena lawmakers create MX Russia friendship with Russia, lol when USA is next to Mexico.

  5. Mexican Government's diplomatic relationships with Russia and Ukrainia will not be suspended over shit,
    their problems are THEIR problems.
    The friendship between the peoples is another thing.
    AMLO has said Mexico IS against interventions and regrets Russia's but will not get involved.
    The US keeps buying russian gas and fuels, some said about 70 million worth a day, other Uropians keep buying russian fuels, Russia and Ukrainia provide about 30% wheat to the world, so this BS war Putin is said to be losing will not go anywhere, and that is his problem, he made his poop and he will have to eat it.

    1. 12:02 too many pinchis tangos, fack argentina, messi and Maradona, ALV..


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