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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Shooting In Cañadas De Obregón, Jalisco, Leaves A State Policeman Dead And Another Wounded

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The assailants escaped in a Hummer truck.

El Occidental 

Elements of the State Police were attacked with bullets at the entrance to the municipality of Cañadas de Obregón, in the region of Los Altos de Jalisco.

Preliminary reports indicate that the state elements were making their surveillance tour, when they were attacked with bullets by armed individuals at the entrance to the municipal seat.The officers repelled the aggression, which sparked a confrontation. In the exchange of fire, two elements were hit by the projectiles. One of them, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Velázquez, died at the scene, while his companion was injured and taken to a hospital in Tepatitlán.

One of the policemen died while he was receiving medical attention, while the other was transferred in the Zapopan police falcon helicopter to Guadalajara to receive medical attention.

While the aggressors escaped in a black Hummer truck with several bullet wounds, heading to Guadalajara.

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Commander Miguel Ángel Sánchez Velázquez, 42, joined the corporation in 2006.

He was highly appreciated by the troops because they considered him a very good leader, with a gift for leadership and disciplined.

Eloy Arellano



  1. Elmo how long are you going to let this b******* go on or is the money to good I'm American and I am feeling for your people probably more than you son of a b****

    1. Well son it's not my problem. It happened on previous presidents.
      I am just here to get along with the Cartels.
      I am a happy man, when suitcases full of US currency arrive to my palace.

  2. All i know is in that area there is a comandante that cjng capo that loves hummers and is names El H3. Close to El 03 in terms of friendship

  3. I am from that town very calm even having the people that patrol at night very peaceful you ain't fucking around


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