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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Caborca Lives Hours Of Terror: Shootings Are Recorded, 2 Dead And At Least 9 Missing

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat

Caborca, Sonora, experienced a violent day, after the incursion of a convoy with armed men, early this Wednesday, February 16, 2022

It was reported that the armed group deprived of liberty at least 9 young people.

For at least 2 hours, the municipality of Caborca, Sonora, experienced a violent day, after the incursion of a convoy with armed men, early this Wednesday, February 16, 2022.

In videos shared on social networks, several trucks marked with an X are observed, circulating through various streets of the city of Caborca, generating fear among the inhabitants.

In the recordings, around 7 vehicles can be seen in a caravan, with people on board carrying large-caliber weapons.

The reports of armed people began around 10:00 pm on Tuesday, in the Pitiquito area.

At dawn on Wednesday, the Red Code was activated in the La Y Griega delegation, municipality of Caborca, where a shootout was recorded.

“At 12:05 a.m. an emergency call comes in already in Caborca and at approximately 2:00 a.m. control is taken by the state force that is Sedena, the State Police and the National Guard in the event, 2 people die , there are 3 detainees and there are 3 insured vehicles and weapons of different calibers, "said Alejandra Diaz, spokeswoman for Communication of the Public Security Secretariat of Sonora.It was reported that the armed group deprived of liberty at least 9 young people.

“Please to the people who took my husband last night, please I ask you, I beg you, to hand him over to me, he is innocent, he is a person who works, he is a bricklayer and I, I work in a hospital”, expressed the wife of the kidnapped man.

"A group of people broke in, forced their way in, because they got in and I was awake at the time and I yelled at my son, at Sebastian, get them up because they were asleep, but the people were already inside," Rosa Maria said. , mother of kidnapped youth.

Vehicles and trailers were also reported shot at, as well as damage to 4 homes.

Through his Twitter account, the mayor of Caborca, Abraham David Mier, informed the inhabitants that, for their safety, all sporting events scheduled for this Wednesday were suspended and that he asked businesses to close their establishments at 10:00 a.m. the night.

He acknowledged that, given the level of insecurity, the authorities were exceeded in their response capacity.

The State Attorney General's Office confirmed that, in coordination with federal and state authorities, it is searching for the young people who were deprived of their liberty.

The security operation in the northern zone of Sonora was extended to the municipalities of Tubutama, Santa Ana, Magdalena, Caborca, Altar, Pitiquito and Benjamín Hill.

With information from Erika Palma



  1. Maybe a drone's surprise pkg on AMLO's residence might get his attention? The people dont deserve this bullshit or amlo either!

    1. Hey hey hey fat Alberto
      Only bribes from cartels catch his attention. Recently he bought his son, a 70,000 Meercedes Benz and a million dollars home in USA, ask yourself how can he have that type of money??????

    2. I'm talking a "HEY HEY HEY!" party pkg from "the people of Mexico, with an explosive example of the love that THEY are receiving from THEIR local animals. Make the problem his, too!

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  2. Interesting, another steed stepping up to contest "the pig face". Noveno and el trakas are one to say! Ponte cuidado!

  3. Another day of Homicides, anything and everything goes in Mexico, rarely punished by the law and citizens can't defend themselves as they have no weapons.

  4. Fuck it. If I was in Mexico, I would get a gun by hook or by crook and let the chips fall. These bastards might get me but I'm taking some with me.
    Fuck that unarmed shit.
    I understand that millions of Mexicans live successful lives untouched by drug violence. We only hear the bad stuff from the media's mantra of "if it bleeds, it leads."
    Still, do whatever means necessary to protect your life and your family. Doing a stretch in a Mexican jail for firearms possession is a calculated risk. Better that than the sheer terror that seizes you when the bandits come knocking.

    1. James Brown glad to hear you would take action, to protect your life. Stupid laws protect the Cartels more that it's law abiding citizens. That's why it's easy for criminals to kill anyone, as they know they have no guns to shoot back.

    2. Yep Brown
      It's funny how a group of criminals will mob up, to kill one unarmed person. But when the criminal is by himself, he acts innocent.


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