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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Secretary Of Navy Captain Kidnapped And Released In Badiraguato, Sinaloa

"Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Culiacán, Sin.- The municipal government of Badiraguato, headed by José Paz López Elenes, revealed another version of the events that occurred last Thursday in the Surutato area, where they reaffirm that, in effect, the illegal deprivation of liberty of an active element of the Secretary of the Navy by people allegedly from organized crime.

The statement details that minutes before 6 in the morning last Thursday, a group of 10 people left some cabins where they vacationed for more than a week, and when leaving the town, they would have been intercepted by heavily armed individuals who were traveling in vehicles whose characteristics were not disclosed.

The City Council explains that the probable criminals "kidnapped" the element of the Navy, but gave the rest of the group the opportunity to enter the mountain, so that they would not suffer the same fate; it would have been they themselves who gave notice to the municipal authority about what was happening. The Badiraguato City Council specifies that after conducting interviews with those involved, they found some impressions because there was a discrepancy between the versions of one and the other.

They also clarify that one of the three vehicles in which the vacationers were traveling, including the "kidnapped" sailor, presented some suspicious modifications, of the so-called "nails", which are spaces used to store items and are difficult to detect.

The governor of the state, Rubén Rocha Moya confirmed this Friday that the active element had already been released by his captors, without elaborating on details. The municipal government also provided photographs showing one of the dismantled vans.



  1. Replies
    1. Shit’s played out by now bro. Might as well be talking about pogs and tamagotchi. Or how Screech is dreamy or something

    2. Comandante Gijane bleeds black lives mater out of his ass

  2. CDS loves kidnapping ARMY and NAVY


    there still hasn't been any response to chapitos kidnapping ARMY family members

    AMLO has no balls and is a SELL OUT!!


  3. Has a ex Especial Forces Girl i respect the sinaloa Insurgents and MERCENARYs for most of time letting them free if they did nothing wrong other that do their job and also not attacking the people that where with him who where inocent thats a real cartel and how they should act with codes and values 👍
    Ni la muerte nos detiene , y si la muerte nos sorprende bievenida sea.
    UKRAINE 🇷🇺🙏

    1. Today I take my car for oil change, it has reached 4,000 miles.

    2. You should worry about your country getting taken over by Russia instead of being a cds groupie!

    3. I agree with you. In these times how other cartels are going about things, I respect the fact that they atleast try some what to not kill the innocent ones. To me those are real mothfu@*#¿s, or better said, they are trying to be. Stick to your trafficking and let the innocent people go about their lives. And my respects to those in this sh@#! that not only leave the innocent people go about their business and let them live their lives, but that are charitable and humble and help out those with out... This post might receive some negative responses, but oh well, it is what it is and it will change nothing.

    4. Today I added gas at $4.68.9 a gallon, just last week it was $4.10.9

  4. If you haven't noticed, these last couple of months, alot has been going on and a bunch of hits have been dealt to cartels. You should do your homework and pay attention instead of the past. CDS has also been taking hits, but mostly CJNG. I was disappointed with AMLO after his six month grace period, but with what's been done as of late, I'ma hold of before piling on on him. Maybe he was trying the peaceful way or getting his pawns in order before his offensive. In Mexico you can't face this head on without no strategy and your pieces in place. You don't know who's who in the government, who can be trusted and relied upon and who can't. So playing it smart and thinking long term is the best bet, and even then it's an uphill battle. Like when that fool fantasma got captured just so a judge can let him go. But AMLO is trying to change that power judges have. It's not easy with all the corruption, but he's starting to show some life finally and trying to do what alot of people thought he should have been doing for the longest... He's starting to go after the cartels. I for one am rooting for him. It's in Mexico's and Mexico's people's best interest.

    1. 12:36 I see your part of the flock 🐑 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑

      You probably believe in santa clause and the tooth fairy too right 😆

    2. Yeah, believe what you wish. Your ignorance speaks for itself. Do your homework insted of thinking you got it figured out. Either way, your comment will be forgotten in the next minute or two. Comedians usually have that affect on me.

    3. 9:29 your way of thinking is tragic comedy

      You will feel like a pendejo when CDS or CJNG snitches on your president AMLO.
      He's just onother pendejo in office and your a bigger pendejo for believing in that narco president..
      Why hasn't he went after the little brats for kidnapping ARMY personnel family?
      Why is CDS and CJNG still strong

      I will tell you.. BECAUSE AMLO HAS THEIR BACKS

      You get all wet when a insignificant drug dealer gets caught
      There's thousands of capos in Mexico and they been getting caught and replaced for decades but NOTHING has or will EVER change in 🇲🇽 because of government corruption..

      But yea time will teach you a lesson son..
      Let time do its thing in a few years when it slaps you back to reality.. SMH

    4. 5:12
      I like to wear REd panties, Mr Unkown do you too like to wear Red panties?

    5. 9:29, el pendejo eres tu estupido. If you would of payed attention to what I said you would have understood what I'm saying but your IQ is tooooo low to comprehend. Derogatory remarks are easy behind a computer screen, but faceless "unknowns" are cowards that just verbally attack individuals without cause. Wish we could personally meet so you could reiterate your words. I'm a Cali boy for if you're interested. I'm no AMLO fan, I just call it how it is. If you can't comprehend it, it isn't my fault your mom dropped you on your head as a baby. I'd tell you to do your homework and look into shit, but that kind of thing is not within your grasp. What can anyone expext from someone that flunked kindergarten three times.

    6. 4:16
      My dog Lily only made it to 6 grade education, she got pregnant. She has been doing fine, happy she did not have to take Algebra.

    7. Cali boy got his panties in a bunch and is clueless of how Mexico 🇲🇽 works.. hilarious 😂

    8. 4:16 my opinion would still stay after I knock your head out your shoulders with my 22" biceps 💪

      Not only would you get beat in an argument but you would also get your A$$ kicked Cali boy!

      Stop whining you sound like a girl 😆

    9. 6:38 I'd love to find out. L.A to be exact.


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