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Friday, February 25, 2022

Mexicali, Baja California: Los Rusos Discipline A Thief With Corporal Punishment

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A video is circulating on social networks, where alleged members of the criminal cell "Los Rusos" punish and humiliate a thief in the municipality of Mexicali, Baja California. 

Film #1 consists of a conversation between a nude bandit and the hitmen who chastise their captive for his actions. 

While broadcasts 2 and 3, older in age, shows a young Miguel Ángel Gaxiola / Jesús Alejandro Sánchez aka El Ruso,  the former chief of security for "Mayo Zambada."

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Motherfucker! This guys feet fucking stink!

Sicario #2: Will he survive or what?

Sicario #1: I’m gonna end up with that damn funk on me. Go ahead and sit down. Take a breather. If you say scars one more time you’ll end up fucking yourself. 

Sicario #2: Why were you punished?

Captive: Because I was stealing. 

Sicario #2: What else?

Captive: I was committing armed assaults. 

Sicario #1: Ok, now look this way for us. 

Captive: I was committing armed assaults sir. 

Sicario #1: Where did your crime happen?

Sicario #2: What advice do you have for the residents of the Progreso neighborhood?

Captive: Not much really other than they need to calm down for their own good. Be on your best behavior. 

Sicario #2: Otherwise, the mob with the big board will pounce on you. Isn’t that right?

Captive: Yes. 

Sicario #2: That sounds outstanding. 

Captive: Please let me go. I won’t do it…

Sicario #1: So, now you know. You’re not to mess with the mob of Los Rusos. 

Captive: No one messes with the mob of Los Rusos. Please let me go already. 

Sicario #2: Much less with those who hold that board. 

Sicario #1: Hey, hey don’t put on any clothing yet. 

Captive: Please…

Sicario #1: Who were you going around to steal with?

Captive: I’ll tell you everything you want to know…

Sicario #1: Tell me who you were with?

Captive: Just let me put my clothes back on.  

Sicario #1: Ok, now tell me who you were with. 

Captive: Will you let me put my clothes back on?

Sicario #1: No, tell me who you were with because I’m recording this. 

Captive: I was with El Junior…

Sicario #1: But look at the camera. 

Captive: I was with El Junior, El Sprinkler. Who else was with us? That’s it just those two guys. 

Sicario #1: Junior and who else?

Captive: That’s it sir. It was El Sprinkler and me. 

Sicario #1: Where is this El Sprinkler? Was El Ofito with you guys also? Wasn’t he just released from that correctional facility?

Captive:  Yes. But that’s been awhile back since that happened. That was that one time we got high together. 

Sicario #2: Who did you guys kill there?

Captive: We didn’t kill anyone. 

Sicario #2: Yes you did you dick. You told us earlier. 

Sicario #3: Yes, you mentioned it earlier. 

Captive: They killed?

Sicario #3: Yes. In that one jail. 

Captive: Ah. But that’s been some time back. It’s been years since that went down. El Junior killed some fool. But that was a long time ago. 

Sicario #2: Ok. But why did we have to punish you?

Captive: Because I was stealing, I was stealing. 

Sicario #2: What else were you doing?

Captive: I was committing armed assaults…

Sicario #2: And who are you not to mess around with?

Captive: You’re not to mess around with El Ruso sir. 

Sicario #2: That sounds outstanding. 

Captive. Yes. 

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  1. Rusos can you do this to the BLM race pimps

  2. He looks like the gecko from the Insurance company gico

  3. El Ruso is built like a 90 yrs old man

  4. Yea hes built like a old man but his aim is better than ours lolol gotta give him credit..

    1. Speak for yourself.
      If a head of sicarios is high standards for you your motivation is below average.

      This pendejo will be caught or arrested soon, specially since chinolas are fighting each other and switching on each other

    2. no seas pendejo. high standards de que hablas? he was just talking about the way he drew his gun. which was really fast but let me guess you can do faster

  5. What a pendejo shooting at trees 🌳

    Trees don't fight back- Bruce Lee


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