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Saturday, February 26, 2022

112 Arrested In Secretary Of Citizen Security Raid In Iztapalapa, CDMX

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Omar García Harfuch, head of the SSC CDMX reported on the operations and arrests in Iztapalapa. 

Mexico City. The head of the capital police, Omar García Harfuch, said that in the last 48 hours, 112 people were arrested in various neighborhoods of Iztapalapa for their possible responsibility in various crimes, among which Ángel M, alias El Sapo or El Bala, identified by the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) as one of the main generators of violence in the Tlalpan demarcation, in addition to being an operator of the Los Maceros criminal group.He announced that in the following days at least 900 elements of the local SSC will be deployed in the streets of Iztapalapa to reduce the criminal incidence as happened with the various actions last week in Cuauhtémoc. 

According to the investigations of the SSC, El Sapo or El Bala is located as one of the main operators of the Los Maceros criminal group, in addition to being dedicated to the purchase and sale of drugs, he is in charge of providing vehicles for illicit activities. Jesus Eduardo H, alias El Macero.

El Sapo or El Bala was arrested for the crimes of drug dealing and carrying a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army, on Calle Nueva Revolución 3 and Jacarandas in the El Vergel neighborhood, in Iztapalapa.

At a press conference, García Harfuch pointed out that the 112 detainees are possibly responsible for crimes against health, possession of a firearm, homicide, robbery from a passer-by, robbery of a home, robbery of a business with violence and vehicle theft, although He specified that 19 of them were identified as drug users.

He pointed out that a search warrant was carried out in a building located in the Ampliación María Aztahuacán neighborhood where around 40 tons of auto parts were seized.

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  1. Who could he be cleaning house for🤔

  2. Omar García Harfuch should have been one of the arrested..
    He's a known crooked son of a b!@Tch!

  3. That's ballsy of CJNG to attack him. I hope they leave my boy ALMO alone.

  4. They should go after extortionist amd kidnappers, and anyone else who does harm to innocent civilians that are just trying to live a normal life.


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