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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Rusos vs Salazars War: Los Garibay's El Wicho Arrested

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

After a shootout with Army soldiers, Luis Alfredo Garibay Félix, alias “El Wicho”, was injured and then arrested. El Wicho is one of the leaders of Los Garibays who are key allies of Los Salazars, who are currently fighting a war against Los Rusos.

The Arrest of El Wicho, from Los Garibays

At approximately 6:30 pm during the evening of Monday, January 31, 2022, a shootout occurred at Rancho Garibay between members of the Army (SEDENA) and hitmen from the cartel group Los Garibays, who are currently working for Sinaloa Cartel's Los Salazars. Rancho Garibay is located in the town of Chiapas III, in Mexicali Valley, near the border of San Luis Rio Colorado municipality and Mexicali municipality.

At approximately 7:00pm, Army soldiers requested support on radio due to a confrontation with armed men. After some time had passed, the soldiers requested an ambulance at their location for a wounded soldier, although they later canceled the request.

Officers from all the surrounding police forces, as well as at least one ambulance from the neighboring municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado, arrived at the site of the shooting in response to the request. 

According to La Jornada newspaper, police officers and firefighters reportedly who went to the location were prevented from accessing it, as they were warned by soldiers that the area was not yet safe.

AFN Tijuana reports they were unofficially told by law enforcement that a total of seven people were detained, three of the seven were injured and one of the injured detainees is Luis Alfredo Garibay Félix, alias "El Wicho”. For more details on who Los Garibays are and who El Wicho is, please see this previous story

El Wicho was driven to the Mexicali General Hospital by soldiers from SEDENA in an ambulance. As he was taken out of the ambulance and wheeled across the hospital access ramp in order to be admitted to the emergency room, several gunshot wounds were seen on El Wicho’s body.

Witnesses report that El Wicho appeared to be conscious as he was delivered by the soldiers from the ambulance into the hospital. 

For the rest of the night, SEDENA soldiers were stationed to guard the outside of the Mexicali General Hospital against attacks or break out attempts by cartel members.

An injured detainee.

Some of the detainees.

A detainee.

Another detainee.

Some of the weapons seized.

The Recent Events in Rusos vs Salazar War

The arrest of El Wicho is just one event in the escalating war going on within Sonora and Baja California. In these states, Sinaloa Cartel’s subgroups fight against each as if they are rival cartel organizations. These internal cartel divisions derive largely from whether a group has more history and loyalty to Ismael Zambada García, alias “El Mayo”, or to the sons of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias “El Chapo”, called Los Chapitos. 

Los Salazars have historically been considered to be on the Los Chapitos side of the divide and their rivals Los Rusos fall on the El Mayo side of the Sinaloa cartel and stronghold the nearby city of Mexicali. 

Los Salazars entered into an alliance with the regional crime family of Los Garibays according to March 2021 government intelligence reports and together they now fight Los Rusos. Within the last month or so, a flurry of activity has occurred within the Salazar versus Rusos war. 

Felipe Eduardo Barajas Lozano, alias “El Omega” was arrested in Mexicali, Baja California. El Omega is the alleged leader of the Mexicali Los Rusos group, and direct report of the overall Rusos leader Jesús Alexánder Sánchez Félix, alias “El Ruso”.  

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Juan Lara Robles, alias “El Jaunini” is shot to death inside his truck in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. El Jaunini was the chief retail drug distributor for the city on behalf of Los Salazars. 

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Eight Los Salazar hitmen were arrested in the town of Altar, in Sonora Then two days later, law enforcement launched a raid on a safe house located in a different section of the town which netted police 2 vehicles, 15 firearms and narcotics. 

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El H was gunned down while he was sitting in his grey Chrysler alongside a bodyguard on a street in the city of San Luis Rio Colorado. El H was reported to be the plaza boss of the city of San Luis Rio Colorado on behalf of Los Salazars. 

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Julio Alonso, alias “El Flacaman”, a subordinate of a Los Chapitos regional boss was abducted and executed. His remains were left along with a threatening message toward his Los Garibays boss near Santa Clara, Sonora. Los Garibays remains a key ally to Los Salazars in their fight against their mutual enemy of Los Rusos. 

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