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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Zitácuaro, Michoacán: Journalist Roberto Toledo Is Assassinated

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They murdered journalist Roberto Toledo in Zitacaro; The medium in which he collaborated: "Monitor Michoacán," had denounced threats for months.

Journalist Roberto Toledo was killed by three armed subjects, outside of his office, in the municipality of Zitacaro, Michoacán.

Through a live broadcast, Armando Linares, director of the informative portal "Monitor Michoacán", where Roberto Toledo worked, confirmed the assassination of the journalist.

In the video, he says: "We just want to make known what a few days ago we had said, and that we have been dragging for months, for weeks, the Michoacán Monitor team has been suffering from a series of death threats, finally these threats were fulfilled and today they murdered one of our members from our team, a few minutes ago they made an attempt against his life, he lost his life a few minutes ago ".

The director of the media adds: "Exhibiting corrupt governments, officials and corrupt politicians, today the death of one of our colleagues took place. I can’t talk too much. I can’t say much, we are not going to leave things like that, we will take them to their ultimate consequences. "

"Today finally the threats were fulfilled and one of our colleagues lost his life at the hands of three people who arrived, they shot him in a cowardly manner. We’re not armed, we will not bear weapons, our only defense is a pen, and a notebook. "

"We regret this fact and condemn it. There are names, we know where all this comes from. Today they met their objective. In the end the information will continue to flow and we will continue to point out corrupt politicians and  corruptions, although our lives are at risk. I regret this fact, I regret that things are like this, that our freedom of expression is restricted from being released in a truthful and timely report. "

"I had already pointed out some people and some politicians, today I reiterate again, I am still pointing to them and several others that will already be investigated (...) today the Michoacán Monitor is in mourning (...) Damn those who today made an attempt against the life of an innocent person, "he concludes.

So far, the authorities have not made a statement regarding the attack.

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