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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Police Repel Armed Attack, 5 Are Apprehended

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Military and state corporations ensure 10 weapons, magazines, equipment and two vehicles; No losses were reported

The facts were given during the dawn, when the police staff made a security tour. 

In response to the commitment to ensure the tranquility and well-being of citizens, in a coordinated action, State Police (PEP), Metropolitan Police and Military Personnel attached to the tenth military zone arrested five men and seized weapons; The personnel were attacked by armed subjects, in the municipality of Fresnillo.

The aggression was recorded during the morning of this Monday, when the military and police elements took follow up on the safety operation instructed by the new governance to strengthen security in the Zacatecan territory.

When performing surveillance and deterrence of crime, armed subjects on board two vehicles, a grey sedan Charger, and a grey Nissan Navarra NP300 truck, began an aggression with gunfire against the operational staff.

Once they were in real and imminent danger, they repelled the aggression, achieving decreased fire volume from the aggressors and securing both vehicles; It should be noted that, after the confrontation, no one was reported killed. 

The arrest of five of the aggressors was also achieved, as well as the seizure of at least 10 firearms, dozens of magazines and rounds, as well as tactical equipment and metal devices known as caltrops. 

The Government of Zacatecas, through the State Bureau for the construction of peace and security, endorses its commitment to the citizenship of continuing to apply strong actions to strengthen security and recover the tranquility of the Zacatecan families.

In response to one of the priority axes of the administration that Governor David Monreal Ávila leads. In which coordinated work has been drawn as a fundamental piece to recover and strengthen social welfare. The corporations that make up the state construction table of Peace and Safety maintain an important operational deployment in the Zacatecan territory. In order to prevent the crime commission and specify actions for the benefit of the security of the Zacatecan citizens. 

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  1. ALMO is doing nothing! He is ENPT! the bribe was not enough. That's why this criminals get apprehended.


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