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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ciénaga de Flores, Nuevo León: Attack Reveals Narco Grave And Vendor Operations

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Video translation is as follows:

Male Newscaster: The dispute between drug dealers over the Paseo del Roble neighborhood in Ciénaga de Flores revealed a clandestine grave and the anti-police system used by criminals to evade operations.

For more than 2 years, Ramón, 41, a man shot on Monday and who allegedly led the distribution in the neighborhood, designed a sale and security scheme. With dirt roads that are located behind the neighborhood, with tires, street closures, and even knocked down walls. Ramón always evaded the police according to residents of the sector.

Male Neighbor: That was the drug spot over there.

Male Reporter: At the corner?

Male Neighbor: The blue house.

Male Reporter: Ah, on this side in front then.

Male Neighbor: They killed someone there yesterday. He was killed right there. And then they found the bodies at that house in the corner.

Male Neighbor #2: They killed them and buried the bodies in the patio of that house.

Male Reporter: Had that grave been there awhile or was it a fresh one?

Male Newscaster: Ramón allegedly began selling drugs to truck drivers near kilometer 27 of the highway that leads to Nuevo Laredo. And later he had taken over abandoned houses at the corner of Cedro Español Street and Del Cedro Avenue.

One of them was used for drug sales. Another for addicts to use drugs. And the rest for various activities, including allegedly prostitution. A dirt road that connects with the highway near kilometer 27 was where some addicts entered to buy product, through the perimeter fence of the neighborhood.

However, this route was also an escape route. Other neighbors pointed out that Ramón had the streets closed off with tires and took advantage of some metal posts to generate a circuit that prevented the patrols from reaching the corner easily.

He also knocked over the walls of abandoned houses to connect with other streets in order to escape. The neighbors denounced the abandonment of the authorities.

Female Neighbor: The only thing that we're aware of begins from that tree trunk over there to here.

Male Reporter: Is there any police presence here at all?

Female Neighbor: No, there's no police presence here.

Male Reporter: Do police patrols not come through here?

Female Neighbor: It's been some time since they've been around. They use to come through this area. We have kids here and with this that's happened. So, just imagine how we feel.

Male Newscaster: The inhabitants of the sector pointed out that it had been rumored for a long time that there were buried bodies in the patio of a house. Ramón died in a hospital after he was shot in a house on Calle Paseo del Bosque. And according to the inquiries, the bodies would be in the courtyard of an abandoned house located on the corner of Cedro Español.

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