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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca: Narcos Recruit Child Through Free Fire Game

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Azucena Uresti: Authorities from Oaxaca, take a look at this, Angel, a 12-year-old boy. He left his house on Sunday for the northern part of the country. Why? He was recruited by a criminal group. How? Through the video game Free Fire.

Female Officer: Should I take him, should I take him in that patrol unit?

Male Officer: Yes. Don't cry son. These individuals are going to help you.

Female Officer: I've already told him not to cry.

Male Officer: Be strong son. These individuals are going to help you out. As I've told you before son don't cry. These individuals here are going to help you. If you have any problems at home they're going to give you support. Okay? They’re going to speak well of your father. Just as well if he's not there they're still going to help you son. Don't cry anymore.

Male Reporter: This is how a minor was rescued yesterday in Oaxaca after being decieved by an alleged criminal group. Ángel, barely 12 years old, was convinced through Free Fire to abandon his family in the municipality of Tlaxiaco and join a criminal cell in the northern part of the country. Through this game and a WhatsApp conversation, a woman was supposed to meet him today in Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico.

It was Sunday night when the family reported to 911 that Ángel left his house without mentioning where he was going. Leaving only a note where he said goodbye to his parents.

Angel's goodbye letter: Forgive me mom for being such a bad son. I'm sorry but I've never once turned in my homework. I love you a lot mommy. Goodbye. I'll always love you all.

Male Reporter: That same night the minor stayed at a hotel in the municipality and then boarded a taxi first thing in the morning to the state capital. Hours later he was intercepted by the authorities. Thanks to a report from the taxi driver who picked him up in Tlaxiaco, it seemed strange to the cabbie that the minor was carrying a large amount of cash.

In October, 4 minors were rescued in the municipality of Santa Lucía Del Camino. They had been kidnapped with deception through the same video game. Where they were also offered to work for a cartel.



  1. The humanity in mankind wouldn't allow such. Only those who have no conscience or sense of responsibility would allow such.
    These individuals are rabid animals that need to be put down on the spot.
    Human trafficking organizations have profited from others miseries. Fleeing war torn countries only to be kidnapped for illicit riches.

  2. In the USA The 3 letter Cartel recruits children with Drill/Trap music.

  3. The fucking good by letter is gut wrenching and makes me really question wtf can be done to end this shit its so unimaginable and so un neccessary for people kids parents to be subjected to this kinda pain .
    It defies logic and just gets worse Its not a war on drugs its a war on the poor and the desperate and it needs to be dealt with in a new light.
    Whether its regulated and taxed or straight up Duarte style kill everything that has anything to do with it .No jail for dealers or manufacturers just murder on the spot in front of everyone including the women and children so they understand what zero tollerance looks like.
    What else is there ? I think of the poltician killed in Sonora how twisted and dysfunctional his life was and I wonder are all the politicians in as deep a shithole as he was , surrounded by greedy pigs murderers , thieves , liars everyone just corrupted beyond salvageable . All of them trying to suck the life out of anything they can get their hands on regardless of their ties to one another . Parasites frantically feeding on one another to siphon off any money or goods that are donated to the people for their own greed and the power they have to silence anyone who makes a peep or just happens to say the wrong thing to the wrong people . Actually Im pretty sure this is how all politicians are . Its just a lot more layers and distractions on our side so they can keep spinning how neccessary more law enforcement is needed . As all these young military vets are coming back still wanting to carry their guns run in packs with a liscense to kill and harass the people they were protecting only months ago perpetuating the bullshit war on drugs Its pathetic and just makes more suffering for the common folk and makes the power hungry more emboldened to take more and more of our freedoms . Im going to write a strongly worded letter to my congress man ,my therapist , my rabi Maurice Cumstein and more importantly my speed dealers this shit ends now !


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