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Saturday, January 29, 2022

The Flores Wives Money Laundering

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Olivia and Mia Flores are married to the highest level drug traffickers ever to become US informants. Their husbands worked with--and then brought down--El Chapo, as well as dozens of high-level members of the Mexican cartels. They had everything money could buy: luxury cars, huge houses, and expensive jewelry--but they chose to give it all up when they cooperated with the US government. 

They knew that life was about more than wealth; it was about love, family, and doing what's right. Cartel Wives is a love story, a "Married to the Mob" story, an insider's look into the terrifying but high-flying empire of the new world of drugs, and, finally, the story of a major DEA and FBI operation. 

This is the marketing blurb for the book “Cartel Wives” published by the wives of the infamous Flores Twins of Chicago- who were two of the key turncoats in the conviction of El Chapo- while they were in hiding and their husbands were in the witness segregation wing of the Federal prison system… which probably meant a halfway house type environment much different than a normal Federal Prison. 

Now when criminals write their own stories or have it packaged up by Entertainment professionals it becomes very sanitized. The blurb claims that their story is about “love, family, and doing what’s right”. Now that’s about as accurate as Rick Ross and Jay Z posing as former Narcos. 

Laughing emoji. Not that the Flores families don’t have love or family bonds… but its definitely always about the money first and foremost in the world of serious gangsters. Never ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Now, last year I actually had an hour long phone conversation with one of the Flores twins and his wife- I was in Chicago and someone put me on the phone with them in whatever place they were relocated to, and we talked… mostly about their “fairytale romance”, how they were enjoying “normal suburban life” wherever they were at, and how they wanted to make a positive change in their community. 

Now, all of those things are probably true to some extent or another, but, even after “doing the right thing” and learning “that money doesn’t buy happiness”.. It turns out they were still spending dope money on lavish trips and material items. Though they did pay their kids school tuition, and ironically, paid off their own student loans.

Al Profit


  1. Who gives a f*ck about about these weird looking bitches and their 🐀 husbands?

  2. 500 a day dropping dead in a country flooded with an all time high of drugs, and, yet there, are dozens of agents chasing a couple of dumb latinas for a few 10Ks bundles of rapidly depreciating $$$! But of course headlines are always good for budgets, increased hiring and power!

  3. The twins stashed money prior to their incarceration. It's not rocket science to make such an assumption. Everyone knew that hidden assets were arranged for future use.
    What interests the federal government has to forfeitures is puzzling now when the twins have been released.
    It's all about the money for the government. Always has been.

    1. 1:40 yup but these guys are all about the money and are not dumb.
      The wives are just dumb and like the attention so they showed off a bit too much


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