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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Zamora, Michoacán: An Armed Criminal Cell Kills 7 Individuals

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The attack happened at an address known as 'The Casa Azul'; there are three injured.

This Thursday night an armed group killed seven people and wounded three others in a house located in the El Porvenir neighborhood, in Zamora, Michoacán.

Armed men aboard a motorcycle stationed themselves in front of the house, later they entered by force and fired against the people who were inside, according to the Quadratín news media. 

The wounded were identified as Roberto F., 31,; Silvia Janeth G., 24 years old; and Adrián A.,a minor, who are hospitalized and under the protection of the authorities.

In a preliminary manner, among the deceased the following individuals have been identified: Gabriela A., 41 years old; Fernando Daniel G., 22,; María del Carmen G., 35,; Silvia A., 40 years old; Moisés M., 30, Maria L., a senior citizen; and, Ruber H, detailed the news medium.

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