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Saturday, January 29, 2022

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora: Los Salazares Plaza Boss El HH Executed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two people wounded were also reported in the confrontation

The Municipal Public Safety Directorate informs about a confrontation among civilians that ended with a balance of two dead and two wounded.

The events occurred minutes after 2:00 in the afternoon on the Avenue Nuevo León between 11 and 12 streets.

The dead were on board a grey Chrysler 300, carried long and short weapons, the wounded were transferred to a hospital, in the car there were magazines and ballistic vests.

The facts are being investigated by the AMIC and the General Prosecutor's Office of the State.

Warning: Graphic Picture

Reporte 653

Muerte X Gloroiusdead 69


  1. Who could possibly be responsible for this?🤔

  2. This mfs makes russian and italian mafia loos like amateurs

  3. The pedo narco cheerleaders are all losers in life who dropped out of school at an early age due to lack of sufficient IQ!

  4. Well at least these two cats got shot up in a Chrysler 300 instead of the usual Toyota Corolla.

  5. llevaba su vitacilina (green box in the middle of the car ), por caso de una cortada .

    1. 75-100 round drum magazine is what I'm seeing

    2. Si es pomada deveria echarle a esa mano, no se valla a infectar

    3. Looks about right and what with the scope.. this guys play to much COD..for the streets of SLRC its seems like overkill and useless.. seems like much more experience killers got them in a trap.. I hope i don't het caught in the crossfire when I go visit the Dentist this Feb


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