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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Gulf Cartel's Metro 32 Possibly Killed (Updated 2/1)

“Ivan”, “Itzli”, and "HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Sources are claiming that Rafael Joaquin Salinas Aparicio, alias “Metro 32”, a high-ranking member of the Gulf Cartel (Cartel del Golfo, CDG), was killed on January 27, 2022 by fellow members of the CDG faction Los Metros.

Please note, this is a developing story and initial information may be inaccurate. Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

The Alleged Killing

Emerging information indicates that Rafael Joaquin Salinas Aparicio was summoned to a meeting in the city of Camargo, Tamaulipas, by his superiors within the cartel on Thursday, January 27, 2022.

Rafael Joaquin Salinas Aparicio goes by the aliases of “El Salinas” and “Metro 32”. El Salinas is believed to be a high-ranking member of the Los Metros faction of the CDG.  

Alleged photos of El Salinas, after being killed at the January 27, 2022 meeting. Photo Credit: Demon G

At the meeting in Camargo, El Salinas was reportedly killed by Alfredo Pérez, alias “El Mofles”, a fellow member of Los Metros. The implication of the current reports is that this killing was done on the orders of the leader of Los Metros, César Morfín Morfín, alias “El Primito”.

It is interesting to note his alleged killer, El Mofles, is rumored to have also been behind the killing of Armando Daniel León García, alias “El Choco”. 

El Choco was killed on May 8, 2021 and it was widely speculated that El Mofles had organized the hit on Choco after he and El Primito conspired together to end El Choco’s influence within the Reynosa-side of Los Metros. If the rumors have been true, then it seems that El Primito’s power continues to increase and that he often works closely with El Mofles in order to eliminate potential enemies to his growing empire. This also implies that El Primito places a high degree of trust in El Mofles.

Some Metros History: El Salinas Senior 

El Salinas is believed to be the son of another Rafael Salinas, making the El Salinas killed on January 27, 2022, Rafael Salinas Jr. 

This creates a level of confusion in researching and reporting on El Salinas. For the sake of clarity, for the rest of the article Rafael Salinas Jr. will be referred to only as “El Salinas Junior” and his father Rafael Salinas Sr. will only be referred to as “El Salinas Senior”. 

It is worth noting that El Salinas Senior is the cousin of future Los Metros leader Juan Manuel Loza Salinas, alias “El Toro”. 

El Salinas Senior began as a ministerial police officer in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas. At some point during his time in law enforcement, El Salinas Senior worked with an officer by the name of Samuel Flores Borrego. Flores Borrego would later go on to join CDG and be given the code name “Metro 3” (alternatively El Metro Tres and M3). 

As time passed, Metro 3 greatly rose in power and grew to control the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, as well as some smaller cities to the west. He is believed to have created the CDG subgroup which we now know as Los Metros. During the same time that his former police colleague was rising in power, El Salinas Senior settled down somewhat in the city of Reynosa and had a son, El Salinas Junior. 

Some Metros History: The Early Career of El Salinas Junior

El Salinas Junior followed in the footsteps of his father and became a police officer as a jumping off point to his later full-time cartel criminal career. By 2011, El Salinas Junior had left the police force and become a full time CDG Metros member. At this time the Metros were participating in the larger CDG versus Los Zetas war. 

In January 2011, El Salinas Junior made a name for himself by having a pile of mutilated bodies of alleged Zeta members and a narco message bearing his signature left in Plaza Morelos in Montemorelos, Nuevo León. This gruesome act garnered El Salinas Junior the reputation for being one of the most violent members of CDG. 

El Salinas Junior was eventually named plaza boss for the municipality of Camargo in Tamaulipas. There he is said to have ordered many kidnappings of single women and elderly widows. These kidnappings were said to often involve torture. 

The leader of Los Metros, Mario Armando Ramírez Treviño, alias “X-20”, had El Salinas Junior removed as plaza boss for Camargo in May 2013. This removal from power forced El Salinas Junior to flee Camargo. He allegedly sought refuge in Miguel Alemán, territory which his father El Salinas Senior controlled as plaza boss. El Salinas Junior began working directly under his father and acted as his second-in-command in Miguel Alemán. 

On August 17, 2013, Metros leader X-20 was arrested. His leadership position was then filled by Juan Manuel Rodríguez García, alias “Juan Perros”, however Juan Perros was arrested on May 25, 2014

After Juan Perros was arrested, leadership of Los Metros was taken over by Juan Francisco Sáenz Tamez, aliases "El Panochitas" and “Metro 103”.

Some Metros History: Conflict and the Arrest of El Salinas Junior

On August 11, 2014, a rumor emerged that federal forces had launched an operation attempting to arrest El Salinas Junior that had turned ugly and that El Salinas Junior ended up being killed in the operation. However, these rumors were evidently false.  

On October 9, 2014, El Panochitas, the overall leader of Los Metros, was arrested in Edinburg, Texas. The fall of El Panochitas led to a period of infighting within Los Metros, as each regional leader and plaza boss tried to expand their power during this time of transition. 

Eventually, José Tiburcio Hernández Fuentes, aliases "El Gafe" and “Metro 64”, would rise to become the new leader of Los Metros. 

It was rumored that El Salinas Junior sought to retake his former plaza of Camargo against the wishes of El Gafe. Some claim El Gafe punished this transgression by removing El Salinas Senior as plaza boss of Miguel Alemán in order to pay for his son’s impudence.  

El Salinas Senior allegedly did not take this lying down and refused to leave Miguel Alemán. In response, El Gafe reportedly sent Roberto Saavedra Santana Delgado, aliases ''El Chiricuas'' and “Metro 85”, to take Miguel Alemán from Salinas Senior by force. 

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, a number of shootouts took place in Miguel Alemán between cartel forces led by El Salinas Senior and Junior against cartel forces led by El Chiricuas. These gun battles left at least 4 hitmen killed and more injured. 

Among those injured was reportedly El Salinas Junior, who had to be transported by ambulance to a private hospital in Reynosa. Federal authorities reportedly caught wind of El Salinas Junior’s reported location and they arrived at the hospital, putting him under arrest and whisking him away for prosecution after he finished receiving medical attention.

Some Metros History: El Salinas Junior Returns to Los Metros

There has been very little information about El Salinas Junior following his 2014 arrest in regards to whether he was prosecuted or how long he was sentenced to serve in prison. 

It appears that he was quietly released from prison sometime in late 2020 or early 2021 as reports about Los Metros members began mentioning him again in association with cartel activity in Miguel Alemán. 

The Los Metros group that El Salinas Junior returned to in 2020 would have seemed quite foreign to the Los Metros he was used to. The Frontera Chica-side of Los Metros is led by César Morfín Morfín, alias “El Primito”, with the support of his brother Noe Morfín Morfín, alias “R8”. 

The Reynosa-side of Los Metros is led by Carlos Humberto Acuña de los Santos, aliases “El Mono” and “Metro 36”. El Mono is said to be supported by not only El Primito and R8, but also by two cousins of the aforementioned El Chiricuas: Héctor Sánchez Rivera, alias “La Mimi”, and his brother Ernesto Sánchez Rivera, alias "La Mierda".

Background Sources: Paola Rojas, El Financiero,Valor Tamaulipeco Article 1, Article 2


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    1. R1 is like Elvis, people swear they still see him...but seriously, it's always been one of the biggest mysteries. I assume he's either dead, retired, or no longer relevant, in that order.

    2. He was/is high ranking memeber from the days of Osiel Cardenas. In charge of Los Rojos.

    3. Tranquilo viendo como todos los que empezaron la Guerra con el han caído presos o muertos.

      Si no preguntenle a la Hamburguesa cuando lo protegió despues de lo de M3

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      The mantas were always signed R1 “el Reyes de reyes”

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    Primito is haining so much power its ridiculous, if you notice hes expanding not only in Tamaulipas but hes in NL, Zac, SLP, Veracruz and rven in Jalisco has been "gifted" an area for his part in the alliance that only seems to keep striving day by day
    Like i mentioned before. The reason the alliance is on the up and up is because he is the STEPSON of one of Menchos main collaborators. I think the dude is related to Chico Jaramillo thru marriage and his father or uncle was or is his stepdad cause at all of chico Jaramillos parties they repeatedly play corridos of CDG BOSSES

    On another note
    Has anyone else heard that Primito and Metros now go by CDGN Carte Del Golfo Nuevo

    I have a friend in Nuevo leon and he says that los Metros are going by CDGN there
    And whats interesting is in a new song about a month old max, Chicho Castro made a song for Primito aka M300 and His carnal R8 "los dos de reynosa" and he mentions "C D G N en la pechera train.." and that they are often seen in what aongs like Quila se miraran in reference to Tierra Tequila aka Jalisco where they hide Specifically Primito
    R8 is more of the day to day boss and spends alot more time in Frontera Chica and Reynosa, Nuevo Leon while Primito comanda desde Jalisco near the Colima Border in the municpios of Pihuamo Jalisco while his bro stays in nearbye Tamazula Jalisco which is the area of sur Jalisco i believe what its refered to as
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