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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Uruapan, Michoacán: Jalisco New Generation Cartel Sends A Message To The United Cartels

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

El Fantasma from the CJNG sends a message to the United Cartels, if they want the charging fees they need to come look for them. Three men from Los Viagras were apprehended while they were carrying the collected charging fees. El Fantasma offered to return the envelopes to their owners, there was also a list of clients in their possession. 

Video translation is as follows:

This message goes out to all the businessmen who’ve been harassed by the Carteles Unidos with their charging fees. I have proof of this here before me. That these scumbags live off of extorting the citizens of Uruapan. Peña, 14, and Galleta I have your charging fees here. Come and recover them. 

We will hold responsible the United Cartels for any reprisals that are made against the taxi drivers. Specifically you Nicolas Sierra Santana aka Gordo Viagra. Gentlemen, citizens of Uruapan, help us to help you. I know this is hard for you because you’re all afraid. But we are here now. 

We’ve come to do this purge. Sincerely, Jalisco New Generation Cartel. These guys collected their charging fees. And to top it off the citizens even went so far as to pay up with change. Gentlemen this has gone on far enough already. We’ve come here to support you guys on behalf of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 



  1. Saints arrived in town, finally!

  2. Cjng is going to do a Purge OMG, lock the doors, let me call Juan Rambo for protection.

  3. Michoacános señor Gallo quiere solo entrar a su tierra y sacar la basura. no dejen que otros influyentes los maten por otros estados donde se queda la major parte de money

  4. I wonder how much longer México 🇲🇽 will have with this cartels and corrupt politicians, as a mexican I am already tired of these criminals who do not let us live in peace and the damn corrupt government that does nothing to protect us.

    1. It's going to keep going, new president after new president, they be all useless to fighting cartel violence, they will be working together with them, as long as the bribes keep coming in.

    2. A neverending cycle which enriches those politicians who require such to operate in areas.
      Mexico's citizens are & have been held hostage to the so-called government and criminals.
      Sad to say but its the honest truth.
      Veronica Castro back in the days spike out on behalf of its citizens & was censored. Along with the consequences if she continued to spew the truth.

    3. 2:29 most citizens are not held hostage, they actually get killed.

    4. Go to the USA nobody bothers you and you got real cops with guts and common sense to protect you and your family if you come to work honestly and pay taxes and vote But if you kill people especially cops like the scumback in Houston the law will hunt you and take you the chair for the Needle if they don't kill you first That's America.

    5. @1132 "Already tired of these criminals". Where ya been boss this stuff has been running for decades and decades. Already? I am a U.S. citizen and I was disgusted with it back in the 1990s when things went of the hinges.

    6. The only way this will ever end is if Mexico foresakes it's sovereignty and asks the U.S. to send in it's military.My guess is this will happen NEVER.

  5. Y que amarren bien los gallos 🐓 porque hoy vamos a enfiestarnos
    Mexicanos, viva México!, ¡viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!, ¡viva Fernando VII! Y ¡muera el mal gobierno!”
    Me presento soy el Mencho voy cumpliendo los encargos que bueno que lo notaron 🎶
    Me pusieron hoy los Gringos en la lista
    De los más buscados
    Michoacan no te me rindas ya mérito
    Lo logramos
    Que regresen esos tiempos donde un niño
    Con una escoba 🧹 montaba su caballo 🐴
    Esta guerra es por ustedes se acabaron
    Sus esclavos
    Que si es pura propaganda ?
    se los dejo de tarea
    Aquí hay abrazos no balazos
    Y con el cabezita de algodón
    En la misma frecuencia si te duermes camarón
    Y te lleva la corriente hay me saludas al chapo

  6. I'm sure those taxi drivers and businessmen must be breathing a huge sigh of relief- "Don't you worry dudes, you are going to die in agony tied to a chair cos we forced you to make a choice, but we will know who did it, and continue to fail to find him. You're welcome!"

  7. I send a message to cjng, "Stop taking all over Mexico, your not Hitler, stick to your own state".

  8. This is only news to people outside of Uruapan

  9. Wow, Michoacan continues to be a shithole. I seen a video where the towns people attack the military with some type of home made bombs. Pura gente corriente. Luego andan llorando que el gobierno no hace nada.

    1. Gente corriente is what the government feeds off. Always looking for recruiters.

    2. Look no further, michoacan is where they at.

    3. 11:43 its the viagras paying people to do that pendejos lol

      Michoacan aint no joke, thats why chapo and MAYO were SCARED to take that plaza

      Como dice el corrido..
      100% calidad si viene de michoacan compas!!!


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