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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Morelos Governor Blanco, Accused of Cartel Ties Himself, Deflects by Naming Politicians Linked to Traffickers

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

"As far as it goes, I'm not going to stop," Blanco said as he left the office belonging to the Attorney General's Office (FGR) and added that he is aware that there are judges, prosecutors, state and municipal police who are involved with drug trafficking.

This Monday, January 17, the governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, appeared at the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) to file a complaint against several politicians in Morelos allegedly involved in organized crime.

"As far as it goes, I'm not going to stop," Blanco said as he left the office belonging to the Attorney General's Office (FGR) and added that he is aware that there are judges, prosecutors, state and municipal police who are involved with drug trafficking. "Here I am showing my face and I am not going to stop and I am not afraid of them, here I am firm," he said.

In the complaint, Blanco included the deputy of the New Alliance Party (Honeycomb), Agustín Alonso Gutiérrez, former mayor of Yautepec, in whose government Raymundo Castro Salgado was empowered, El Ray, lieutenant of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and one of the criminals portrayed next to Blanco.

The images date back to April 13, 2019, when El Ray managed to escape with his life from an attack that was perpetrated at the Los Estanques seafood restaurant in the city of Cuautla.

At the beginning of the week, a series of images brought to light revealed that El Ray was possibly protected from the Morelos authorities. Although at first it was said that the criminal boss fled the area supported by his security force, it was later found that he actually left the seafood restaurant walking in front of a crowd of state police officers, without any of them doing anything about it.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco also included Senator Ángel García Yáñez in the complaint filed with SEIDO, who was related on more than one occasion to organized crime (detained drug traffickers came to carry credentials accrediting them as their advisers) and romantically linked to Esther Yadira Huitrón, aka La Jefa, operator and a publicist for Guerreros Unidos/CJNG (as well as the sister of the state president of the Progressive Social Networks Party). It was on La Jefa's phone that the photo of Blanco posing with several drug traffickers surfaced.

In one of the narcomantas found in Morelos on January 8, an attempt was made to explain who was behind the leaks of the photograph of the former soccer player with Ray. “THE CAUSE OF THE THREATS AGAINST THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MORELOS ARE BY THE NARCO SENATOR ANGEL GARCIA YAÑEZ AND HIS ORGANIZED CRIME GROUP (sic)”.

The former mayor of the municipality of Miacatlán and current deputy of Movimiento Ciudadano, Luz Dary Quevedo, as well as her husband, Cutberto Aguirre, coordinator of the Operative Commission of Movimiento Ciudadano in Tetecala, also appear on the list; Celso Nieto Estrada, mayor of Coatlán del Río; a magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice and the state prosecutor, Uriel Carmona.

Graco Ramírez, former governor of the state, was pointed out by Secretary Ojeda Cárdenas, he was pointed out by Blanco outside SEIDO for allegedly agreeing with El Carrete, leader of the Los Rojos criminal group. The complaint is, for those who are responsible, for the crimes of organized crime, crimes against health, and whatever results, to the detriment of Morelos society, he explained.

“I am not going to stop because I am not going to allow these characters to destroy my image and here I am showing my face. I am not afraid of them, here I am firm, showing my face, make no mistake about these narco-politicians and all this organized crime,” he explained.



  1. Looks like someone is going to be going through a final distnation moment, for naming the people that are Curupt.

  2. Every governor in mexico is paid by at least one or two cartels. He's just sloppy and takes pictures wuth all of them and got caught.
    Cuauhctemoc Blanco is getting paid by CDN, familia michoacana, golfos, Beltranes, CDS (chapitos) and CJNG.
    He's making good money as a NARCO-Governor.

    1. 128 If you have proof I'll buy it.

    2. 1:47 the proof is in all those pictures he takes with the capos pendejo! Lol

      Wanted fugitives but he's having a hellava good time and even posing for pictures like a dumb A$$..

      What more proof do you need moron?

    3. The photos were posted here

    4. I think 1:47 is referring to them saying 'every governor is paid...' and the proof of that.

    5. 8:41 there are many narco-governors but strangely enough not ONE has EVER gotten prosecuted..
      Its the curupt machine, presidents and governorsvare protected.
      I suggest you look into moreira, Cavesa de caca, duarte and many more that have been accused of helping the cartels that operate inntheir state. There is more than enough proof in those cases that go no where..
      Open your eyes and your mind, dont be fools. Dont open your mouth if you have a closed mind.. @1:47
      Why the Fu@K do you think mexico is a haven for Cartels?!

  3. @socalj I'm referring to 1:28's allegations of Cuahtemoc Blanco being paid by CDN, LFM, CDG, CDS, BLO. if he has the proof I'll buy it. As far as them fotos go you have to consider something, Cuahtemoc Blanco was a superstar soccer player, he's taken tens of thousands of pictures, how is he suppose to know who some Joe Shmoe asking him for a picture is suppose to be some low level plaza boss. It's like assuming that Chino Antrax was fucking Paris Hilton because he took a picture with her in Vegas. Celebrities take pictures with people all the time. @852 Mexico is a haven for cartels for many reasons, including corruption. I'm not saying Blanco is innocent but I'm also not saying he is guilty. All I'm saying is if you concrete evidence then share it. Put your money where your mouth is. The thing is 1:28 doesn't have proof of him taking bribes, just allegations and that's not enough.

    1. 10:52 so he is innocent according to you?
      You obviosly dont know how Mexico works.

    2. 629, read my comment again. Where do I say he is innocent.

  4. Pos hojala y no lo ejecuten por chapulin.


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