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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

CDN Warns Against Anyone Supporting CJNG Affiliate El Crispín in Morelos

"Itzli", "Sol Prendido" and "HEARST" for Borderland Beat

A CDN narco banner appeared in Temixco, Morelos, threatening people supporting a CJNG affiliate and local politicians.

A narco banner was reportedly hung from a bridge in the city of Temixco, Morelos on the night of January 17, 2022. The banner reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido:

This message goes out to everyone in the Temixco municipality. 

You are hereby informed that whoever is supporting Crispín Gaspar Cortez and his allies will now be seen as enemies of the Cártel del Noreste. 

Duque, you’ve been considering having those sidekicks on your payroll. You’re being told not to do this. For your own well being just focus on your job. 

Municipal president Juana, I don’t think that you’d want to support someone that had something to do with the death of your daughter Gisela Mota. This is your warning. 



The first individual named on the banner is Crispín Gaspar Cortés, whose alias is merely “El Crispín” and occasionally “El Cris”. 

El Crispín used to be primarily known as a local businessman and regular upstanding citizen however that all changed after the leader of the regional cartel Cártel de la Sierra Sur (alternatively known as Cártel del Sur), in the state of Morelos was arrested at a home owned by El Crispín. 

That leader was José Valdez Chapa, alias “El Señor de la V”, who was detained on November 30, 2017, in the city of Temixco. Cártel del Sur allegedly work under the national organization the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). Cártel del Sur is also said to have an alliance with the regional groups Guerreros Unidos and Los Linos

Days after the arrest of “El Señor de la V”, a press conference was held by neighbors to dispute the  accusations that El Crispín and his son, José Manuel Gaspar, were involved in cartel activity. In a subsequent interview with Sur Digital, El Crispín claimed that authorities were framing him and he was a regular citizen making a living by selling cars and land for 20 years in Cuernavaca.

The July 2019 sign which named El Crispín.

In July 2019, El Crispín once again emerged in the public eye as narco banners were hung in the municipalities of Cuernavaca, Temico, and Emiliano Zapata, all in the state of Morelos, with messages signed by the leader of Los Rojos named Santiago Mazari Hernández, alias “El Carrete”, threatening El Crispín and other individuals such as Abel Maya Bandera, Los Linos, and Irving Eduardo Solano Vera, alias “El Gato”.  

El Crispín was searched by Morelos state police officers on April 13, 2020 while parked in a white Cadillac pick-up truck at a gas station located on the México-Acapulco highway, to the north of Cuernavaca. When Crispín was searched, police officers found 22 packets of meth to be in his possession so he was detained, alongside three other individuals. 

Three men with him were 46 year old Ángel "N", alias "El Chaleco"; 39 year old Juan "N", alias "El Banda", and 34 year old Juan David "N".   

In announcements of his arrest, authorities described the then-52 year old El Crispín as the leader of Guerreros Unidos, who were working in association with the CJNG. They also said he was the principal distributor of drugs, primarily cocaine and marijuana, throughout the Cuernavaca metropolitan area and the southern part of the state of Morelos. His drug distribution network was said to expand out to include the municipalities of Temixco, Jiutepec, Puente de Ixtla and Xochitepec, as well as parts of neighboring México state.

According to law enforcement authorities El Crispín used a network of taxi drivers as lookouts (referred to as “halcones”) to enable his drug distribution. Crispín was said to be escorted by a group of four personal bodyguards at all times. 

Later that year, a nephew of El Crispín, Jorge Humberto Gaspar Villalba, aliases “El Negro Gaspar” and “El Yorch”, was arrested in November 2020 on charges of homicide and drug possession. Authorities alleged at the time that he was head of the Temixco plaza, having taken over the position from his uncle. He was apparently released and subsequently killed following a shootout with rivals on October 14, 2021 at the Kalua bar in Temixco.

The second individual named in the banner, Duque, is believed to refer to Andres Duque Tinoco, who served as a congressman for the 5th district of Morelos, which spans the northern and eastern parts of the state, from September 2018 to July 2020. Duque has continued a political career and is currently the representative for the municipality of Temixco in the Morelos state congress.

The third and final individual targeted in the banner is the current Municipal President of Temixco, Juanita Ocampo Domínguez, who goes by Juana for short. Her daughter Gisela Mota Ocampo, who is also referenced in the banner, was elected as mayor of Temixco in June 2015. 

Gisela was murdered outside her home on January 2, 2016, the day after she officially began serving her term. In August 2017, the state congress of Morelos voted to have her mother Juana serve out the term as mayor of Temixco until December 31, 2018 because her daughter’s replacement, Irma Camacho, had died of natural causes the month before. After a two year absence, Juana was elected municipal president, starting her two year term on January 1 of this year.

As previously reported by Borderland Beat, the alleged writers of the banner, CDN have been known to be active in the state of Morelos since December 2021. It remains unclear if the CDN has truly sent operatives into the state or if this is a matter of local cells having formed an alliance with the national drug trafficking organization.  

It should be noted that in December, José Antonio Ortiz Guarneros, head of the State Commision of Public Security (CES) stated that CDN was one of 11 criminal groups operating in the state of Morelos. The other groups mentioned were Los Mayas, Los Colombianos, Los Linos, CJNG, Guerreros Unidos, Cartel Independiente de Don Mario, El Seven, Los Aparicio, El Comando Tlahuica, Grupo Independiente de Don Emma, and Los Rojo, which was described as nearly extinct.

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  1. It would appear that cdn is branching out throughout Mexico like their forefathers the zetas once did Mexico seems to be heating up even worse than ever and if a full blown war between cjng and cdn opens up that will be a bloodbath I would imagine el huevo is getting annoyed with cjng arming and funding cdg metros against cdn


  2. Cdn is desparate as fuck. They keep getting their asses kicked in tamaulipas frontera chica by metros. In cd victoria they get their asses kicked by the real cdg matamoros. If el tori gets arrested or killed shit if they deport the treviñas the cdn will be destroyed.

    1. It will be real hard for cdn to get destroyed, they have nectar Lima on lock, the crown jewel of la frontera. They have to lose nectar Lima first.

    2. Yes agreed Rafa and cdg haven’t been getting their asses kicked they have been pushing into frontera chica which has always been cdg and have gained politicsl ties and pushed cdg out of mier into Miguel aleman almost back to Camagro as long as they keep NL they will continue to grow there’s been battles where they’ve took out 9 cdg and last year took out 27 cdg in one attack metros had to go make an alliance with cjng to help fund their war


  3. Is CDN against cjng or CDs? What about cdg? Are they letting cjng use their routes?

    1. CDG and CDS were once archrivals when CDG killed Chapos brother, even Zetas killed Valentin Elizalde under CDG orders for singing a corrido they took as disrespect from Sinaloa to CDG. Once Zetas separated from CDG, CDS and CDG formed an alliance to fight the Zetas, that's when there was these massacres in Tamaulipas where alot of zetas got dismembered and thrown with narco messages signed by Chapo Guzman, during this same time CDS used CJNG to make the massacre in Veracruz where CJNG entered the spotlight and left a truck full off dead people and a a narcomanta signed as CJNG and GN (Gente nueva, nueva generación) shortly after that, CJNG became independent and the CDG/CDS alliance wasn't a solid once especially since CDG doesn't have a central leadership and some cells fight CDS in Zacatecas. Today obviously CJNG and CDS cells are at war in Zacatecas and the CDG cells in Zacatecas have sided with CJNG but at the same time in other parts of Mexico, CJNG cells have threatened and fought against CDG. At the end it comes down to the cells. They fight where they overlap. You don't hear the main cartels directly from their home turf either Guadalajara or Culiacan make threats against each other, no mantas signed by Chapos or Mencho as when they fought Templarios or zetas yet in other parts of Mexico where their cells overlap those cells fiercely fight eachother. Think of it like a proxy war. I once heard a dude say "los problemas son entre la gente de abajo, los jefes de plazas y sus sicarios pero arriba los jefes se respetan, asen sus tratos y saben que esos pleitos son solo parte del negocio"

    2. But to answer your question CDN is at war against CDG, CDS and CJNG

      CDN was once Zetas, the cartel that these 3 cartels once considered their main and their worst enemy.

      And CDG didnt let CJNG use their routes definetly not in the north, although In the south, even if CJNG entered Zacatecas without CDG's permission, CDG offered very little resistance and decided to just cooperate when it comes to Zacatecas.

      CDG is confusing, some cells get along with Sinaloa some with CJNG, some with Old School Zetas and they also fight each other.

    3. Thank you for your info looks like the jefes have some disfuntional workers working their own agendas and can't control them But the main thing is Tamaulipas should have their border routes protected from outside groups because they are gold .

  4. From what I remember CJNG had a cell known as Los Guerreros, while Guerreros Unidos was a different group formed by remnants of the Beltran Leyva Cartel and these 2 groups did not get along. Either some switched to CJNG, or now they get along, or they are being confused with one another by many people ornI just been wrong all this time.


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