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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Comitas, Nuevo León: CDG Metros Celebrates Victory, Beheads Captured Enemy

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Videos have surfaced following the release of an article by "HEARST" and "Itzli" for Borderland Beat. 

Within these films the celebratory victory of gunmen can be seen in the first broadcast. 

While the next video shows the actual beheading of the captured Cartel del Noreste (CDN) member. The removal of the dead man’s head takes place with the use of a fixed blade knife by a right handed individual. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicarios all scream: We are the Cartel del Golfo you faggots! 

Sicario #1: We are the absolute Gulf Cartel. 

Sicario #2: We’re down for whatever comes our way. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Go ahead I’m recording now. 

Sicario #2: Are we going to load this individual?

Sicario #3: First we have to dismember this dumb ass. 

Sicario #1:  Is this our new guy beheading here? Well, come on son. Have at it. 

* The gunmen all chuckle at this macabre banter

Sicario #1: It seems like all these Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicles (IAFVs) are similar to each other. 

Sicario #3: That is correct dude. 

Sicario #1: Go ahead and give that dead man a kiss. Just one little kiss bud. 

Sicario #4: This guy was left looking like shit. 

Sicario #3: Did this guy have anything on him?

Sicario #1: No. "El Profe" removed everything ahead of time. 

El Blog de Los Guachos

El Blog de Los Guachos


  1. CDN celebrates one of its own being decapitated??

    1. Keep in mind that hiccups will happen from time to time. Articles are constantly being corrected where needed. Some of us are actually traveling while this is all going down.

    2. Wear your mask and wash your hands Commandante Sol Prendido

    3. So now they hang these guys like they are "game" that they just caught. This doesn't seem to stop amazing me.

    4. Hang the Red Panties.R
      I think Negthata is the most dangerous in the world.

    5. Playboy Rubio don't forget to wear a condom.

  2. Cdg has lowered themselves worse than the zetas or anyone else doing this? Drug trafficking used to be all business a whole new level resort to Barbarism !


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