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Friday, January 7, 2022

Deadly Battle With The CJNG in Ríoverde, San Luis Potosí

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

A battle between police and members of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation (CJNG) who were barricaded inside a safehouse in the city of Ríoverde, in the state of San Luis Potosí left three hitmen dead, one injured and a State Police deputy director dead.

The Battle

In the predawn hours of January 6, 2022, police received a report about heavily armed men in the Cruz Verde neighborhood of the city of Ríoverde. The city of Ríoverde is located in the center of the state of San Luis Potosi and has an estimated population of almost 140,000 inhabitants, making it the third-largest city in the state. The area is believed to be under the control of the CJNG.

According to newspaper El Heraldo de México, the report was of a gunfight occurring between two heavily armed groups of men, while newspaper El Sol de San Luis alleges the report was simply of armed people seen within a home.

A patrol unit was dispatched to the area. The property was #307 on Vicente Guerrero street. When the officers approached the property, they were shot at with high-caliber firearms from inside so the officers retreated to cover and relayed what occurred to their commanders.

No graphic content seen in footage above. Video Source: Balam on Twitter. 

In response, at 4:00 am, a group of Special Security Forces from the State Police and soldiers from the National Guard set up positions surrounding the safehouse that the hitmen had barricaded themselves inside. Social media accounts, such as Balam, have alleged the hitmen were a part of the CJNG.

The security forces were shot at by the CJNG hitmen, who had taken up firing positions with 50 caliber firearms within the house and the forces returned fire. In photos, like the one seen below, a large amount of bullet damage can be seen surrounding certain windows, making it likely one of the aforementioned firing positions. 

During the multi-hour shoot out the police deputy director, Moisés Abraham Normandía Barrios received multiple gunshot wounds. Director Normandia Barrios was taken to the Regional Hospital of Ríoverde by Red Cross paramedics. He was declared deceased shortly after being admitted.

The death of Director Normandía Barrios, however, did not end the gunfight, and while it raged on, the Secretary of Public Security gave a public statement that warned residents to avoid the area around the property for their own safety. He also promised to update the press and public with new developments as they arose.

Although the confrontation began at #307 on Vicente Guerrero street, it reportedly spread to a second property which was located in the La Huerta subdivision, with few other details given about the secondary location. 

Three hours into the battle, at about 7:00 am, the Special Security Forces made use of an armored vehicle called a "Rhino". La Silla Rota claims the Rhino was called in after several unsuccessful prior attempts to enter the home.

The officers used the Rhino to ram into the front of the safehouse, breaking a large hole into a wall of the home. This led to a final gun battle and the surrender of the surviving hitmen. Inside the property, officers found three hitmen who had been killed prior during the gunfight. 

Newspaper El Heraldo de México reports there are "several detainees", meanwhile, TV Azteca adds that one of the hitmen was injured and “it is reported that there are more people detained, it is not known how many and the conditions in which they were detained.”

Deputy Director Normandía Barrios

The state security coordination table observed a minute of silence for the death in the line of duty of Deputy Director Moisés Abraham Normandía Barrios.

The State Attorney General, José Luis Ruiz Contreras expressed his condolences to the family and colleagues of the fallen policeman and stated that justice will be done in this case, lamenting the loss of Moisés Abraham Normandía Barrios.

Congressman Rubén Guajardo Barrera lamented the death of the deputy director "From the State Congress we call on the corresponding authorities to reinforce the strategy in security matters, to carry out the operations without taking a step backward", assured the legislator after the actions against crime in various parts of the state.

 Congressman Rubén Guajardo Barrera speaking to reporters on January 6, 2022

The legislator added that "it is important to have a strategy to avoid these unfortunate events where police officers lose their lives, we have already had several casualties in recent weeks and with new operational measures things will surely be different".

Codigo San Luis wrote that “Normandía, as his colleagues called him, was always at the forefront of the battle against the criminals, and was the one who came to the aid of his colleagues who were attacked in Cerritos last month. His colleagues honor him and mourn on social networks while complaining about the indolence of the [non-deputy] police director who is always absent and distant from the troops.”

The Seizures 

The San Luis Potosi State Police released a statement that listed out the following items which were seized from the properties: 

3 AK-47 type long barrel firearms (“armas largas tipo AK-47”)

2 handguns

1 fragmentation grenade without detonation and without fuze

1 pearl-colored vehicle

1 green sedan-type vehicle

4 motorcycles

Of note, El Sol de San Luis and La Silla Rota both wrote that 50 caliber ammunition was fired by the hitmen but the seizure of a 50 caliber weapon was not listed in the State Police statement. 

Alleged photos of the incident depict two AR15/M4A1 style firearms, with antiquated 20 round mags.

An AR-15/M4A1 style rifle

An AR-15/M4A1 style rifle, that's been heavily modified with aftermarket parts such as a folding vertical grip, Magpul Battery Assist Device lever or clone of the lever, and a Law Tactical folding stock. But no sights.


  1. Great news 👍 many cjng members dead.
    I am very happy and delighted to hear, cjng is getting clumbered big time.

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  4. Great short doc by news outlet Popular Front about the life of an avg foot soldier in the Sinaloa Cartel... check it out...

    -Holden D. Cash

    1. Thanks much for that link. The PTSD, working 6 wks straight in the field with one week off, little food, little pay, if they leave, they and their family are screwed as upon hire, prior to camp all information on you is collected. These guys are screwed. Usually start out as homeless abandoned street kids, some as young as 8.

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    5. 1207 and 1238. How is it trolling though? You didn't answer the question. CJNG is pretty much composed of all the reject Michoacanos that settled in Jalisco. Are they not turning Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi into war zones? How is that trolling?

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  6. Very inportant information:
    Cjng basically swallowed ZVE and there is very very minimal cells that still claim the name ZVE.
    El Bukanas not only allied to CJNG , El Tornado and his Bro El Tanque but they essentially took the name CJNG and only a handful of cmdts that werent on board which were not many still claim zve and even then some of those are allied to buakanas still
    This happened almost everywhwre that ZVE is at. Especially in SLP, Puebla, Hidalgo Veracruz and even Tamaulipas but there they basivally became allied to CDG one half with the Othe cdg faction and a big part became by name CDG under Primito and again in Tam only a few Cmdts sill claim zve. Its how Peimito was able to take so many plazas in Tamp and get the carss to flip in his favor. Now that he has the governemtns favorfrom municipales to Federal he is the new force to be reckoned with in Tam and Nuevo Leon.

    What people dont realize is when CJNG began their Expansion campaign they immediately began forcing small cells to join their ranks and cause by threatening acfull out war which these smaller Org would not be able to fight or they wnticed them with money power and respect. In Veracruz El Tornado got maybe 80% of exZetas jefes to flip and operate under CJNG name and under his command. They got to keep their structure with a twist and with the exception that cjng would place men throughout their ranks and send men as support and set up shop themselves all under the same flag. The remmaining zetas that wouldnt join either tancinto hiding, were arrested by cjng allied govt, were killed or moved and flipped but a handful stayed an operate under a low profile and choose to stay in their areas and not expand. Like CHOLO CNP did. Just fortified his area and worked.
    Same hppened im Hidalgo ans Puebla and Chiapas and all that area or imfluence that ZVE had before the death of Z3 and the arrest pf z40 and his fat bro z42

    Many were mot happy with Z40 and z42 leadership and the way the operated because they werebeyond psychopaths and did mamadas and caught too much heat then allowwd gangs like MS from salvador and gansg from Guatemala to join just because they had so much llazas that needed men and so many wars but t backfired cause they did Weird BS like all thsoe masacres of innocnts and shit
    Then you have the various Jefes that actualy branched off like Los Talibanes being probably th most powerful bsides the CDN in terms of leftover Zs

    In Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon the Metros have gained alot of traction and power because of cabeza de Vacas suppoet and Samuel Garcia .
    Plus after Vaqueros arrest all the heat was on CDV and he went after his old socios. Just look at tigre. That also paved the way for primito
    Primito each day gains more power in that region. Hes the domminant force of the cdg factions now. Even rumored and said N y govt eprsonal on both sides that CDG menaing ALL factios in Tamaulipas have agreed to work with and alongside Mencho and CJNG because they cant affoed a war and because the money was far tooooo good. Cmdtes of the other factions and of the other cartels are fonstantly flipping to join him especially in NL

    1. Z3 is the one who ordered all the major massacres like the 72 migrants only reason zve split from Trevino's was because z40 z42 put their sobrino huevo in charge after they got an busted

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  11. Those where not cjng. Cjng controls everything in that area including the media .

  12. Rioverde has rarely wound up in the headlines for cartel violence, maybe a killing here & there but nothing like this. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come..


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