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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Uruapan, Michoacán: Cartel Jalisco Gunmen Capture And Release Female Drug Addict

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a sequence of videos that have been recently released by Borderland Beat from the state of Michoacán. A new film has surfaced detailing the criminal exploits of an individual known as "El Panter”. 

The Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana source specifies that 11 individuals were captured by a criminal cell from the CJNG. And then just as quickly released once the intel they needed was gathered from their prisoners. 

Within the following broadcast it is believed that El Panter under a heavy narcotic is hitman #1 who speaks in a crazed nonsensical tone. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: It’s in their best interest for these faggots not to fall asleep on us. It’s in their best interest not to slide off into a deep sleep. Because our hunt continues, we are still moving forward with our plans. What all you’re seeing here stands as proof of our actions. We’re not lying about our affairs here. If I say I’m at the beach, that means I’m actually at the beach. 

Female Captive: And the godfather of that other guy, the one who owns a cab, the same individual who sells drugs to me…

Sicario #2: Which cab exactly is it?

Female Captive: It’s a red and white cab. I don’t know exactly which vehicle name brand it could be. But he lives on the Nicolas Romero street. It’s about half a block away near the Prolongación Calzada de la Fuente. He has his house there and that’s where he lives. He spends his time selling drugs at the aqueduct on the Prolongación Calzada de la Fuente. Everyone who buys drugs go there to see him. 

Sicario #2: Who’s the individual who gives him the drugs?

Female Captive: The drugs were given to him by an individual known as Moy. He use to live in the San Miguel neighborhood. Don Jose also joins him at the aqueduct to sell drugs. And Liz is with her boyfriend El Pelón. I don’t know at this time where exactly they’re at. But she’s with my sister in law at my brothers house. Liz is at my sister in laws house with my brother. And well that’s where they’re at. And if you want we could go there…

Sicario #2: What do they do for a living?

Female Captive: Excuse me?

Sicario #2: What do they do for a living?

Female Captive: They also worked with Moy. 

Sicario #2: Who exactly?

Female Captive: Excuse me? She also worked for Moy 

Sicario #3: Are they still selling drugs?

Female Captive: Yes…

Sicario #3: Do they have any drugs with them at this time.

Female Captive: Excuse me?

Sicario #3: Do they have any drugs with them at this time. Tell me the truth. 

Female Captive: I don’t know. I think they do. Yes. The truth is they do. 

Sicario #3: If we go and bust them will we find any drugs there?

Female Captive: Liz would know where Moy has those drugs hidden. She’s the one who told me that she knew where exactly Moy had those drugs hidden. I’m pretty sure Liz and Pelon still sell drugs with that guy. 

Sicario #1: So, when I’m on the hunt. I’m really like on the hunt. I don’t want you fucking faggots from Buenavista to freak out on me. Don’t think of what all we’re doing here as anything like the Battle for Puebla that took place on 5 de Mayo. No! But it is somewhat similar to that. 

Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana


  1. Michoacans worst enemy is another Michoacano. This poor girl was offered drugs by her own people and look at her now. Many Michoacanos have unfortunately fallen to meth addiction and a life of crime and violence.

    1. It's happening in every state you fool, not just one, what a dork.

    2. Yes I agree every state is expecting crime to go up.
      That kid don't know Jack shet.

    3. You're absolutely right, it is happening in every state... every state where michoacanos have a presence. Look at Guanajuato, Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima, guerrero, veracruz, Cuernavaca, edo. Mexico, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Baja California and let's not leave out the worst state of them all,Michoacan.

      Michoacan is a cancer. They extort the avocado and lemon growers, the strawberry farmers, they extort small businesses, damage roads, chase out the military, create fake autodefensas, turn off the power for neighboring towns and destroy communication and internet towers, give out unwanted haircuts and now they are trying to do the same to the rest of Mexico...

      643 and 930, please stop defending these criminals. You are not helping by encouraging what they do. Unless you are from Michoacan a cheerleader or a troll then I can see why you don't see anything wrong and justify this behavior.

  2. I dont see what all the fuss is about ? These seem like honest hard working people who have been given a bad rap because of socioeconomics and this whole thought process that all murdering psychopaths who deal in mass murder and especially torturing and dismembering victims are bad people ! And this is clearly not the case . I think we all need to step back and rethink how we deal with this whole narco trend .Murder addiction is real and if we can kill with impunity and collusion with the "Competent Authorities" then theres only one logical conclusion- Fuck It !!! All of the major decisions ever made throughout history come down to those two deeply profound words ! Why should now be any different ? And when I run for president that will be my campaign slogan and if anyone is capable of wrecking the car , its me !
    May the bridges I burn light the way ! -CB666

    1. 12.38 You stupid dumb fool. Shut up gimp.

    2. It's not muchoacanis in general. It's the stupid cheap P2P METH that's being made. CJNG their cheapskates, they know exactly that dope nig made with ephedrine will fuk your brain up fast, that's how they made all that $$$. many people in Mexico using Fentanyl? His many people using meth?

  3. I really want to see a BLM sicario in one of these videos tortured then decapitated

  4. Sooo home girl snitched on her fam and got to live ? Tough one too swallow not high on drugs

  5. After thy rapped he'd. CJNG base heads. BLM why these idiots typing about politics


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