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Friday, January 7, 2022

Papaloapan, Veracruz: Cartel Jalisco Interrogates Sinaloan Gunmen

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a narco message under the signature of "the four letters", a message was left aimed at the order of governance, Erick Cisneros.

Gunmen abandoned corpses in Veracruz. The message was addressed to the Secretary of the Government, Erick Cisneros, signed by "the four letters".

Deceased and naked bodies of nine people who had traces of torture were abandoned on the road from the Isla de Veracruz municipality, the morning of this Friday.

Next to the stacked corpses, the authorities found a neon card that had a written note for the Secretary of Government, Erick Cisneros Burgos, who, according to journalist Carmen Aristegui, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel accused the Sinaloa cartel.

"Erick Cisneros Burgos this is so that you can see that here in the Papaloapan river basin the four letters are in charge", read the message.

At the moment, the Security Secretariat of the State has issued a statement, in which it confirms the discovery of the bodies on the island, and informs that an operation by the 3 forces, federal, state and municipal, was deployed to find the responsible for this crime. 

This is the full statement that circulates in the national media:

"With regard to the discovery of bodies registered this morning in the municipality of Isla de Veracruz, the Ministry of Public Security releases the following statement:

"In coordination with federal, state and municipal forces, an operation was deployed headed by the Secretary of Public Security, Hugo Gutiérrez Maldonado to find those responsible linked to these facts.

"It should be noted that this type of actions is a result of combat works to crime in the area.

"From the government of Veracruz, through the SSP, we serve and act to find those responsible for these acts; Likewise, in coordination with the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) works for the clarification of these facts.

"In Veracruz we continue working for the safety and construction of peace in the entity," he finished.

This is the second time this type of crime repeats itself

It should be remembered that this horror was repeated once again, but now in the state of Veracruz. Just on Thursday, a truck with 10 massacred bodies on board was abandoned in front of the Palace of Government in Zacatecas.

It was the governor himself, David Monreal, who announced this fact. For the time being two people alleged to be responsible for that crime have been arrested.

Narco message reads as follows:

Erick Cisneros Burgos, government secretary for the state of Veracruz. Here líes your mob. Carry on supporting the Cartel de Sinaloa and the Chivo Vasquez gunmen. Julian Alvarez Vallejo, Pablo Mendoza, and Gallero. You backstabbing bitch. You're all next. We've left all your scumbags here for you guys. Erick Cisneros Burgos, this is so that you can see that in the Papaloapan basin the 4 letters cartel (CJNG) is in charge here. So, don't bother fucking up out here. Sincerely, 4 letters

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: What's your boss's name?

Captive #1: Dámaso Luis Roca Burgos.

Interrogator: Where is he originally from?

Captive: El Santuario.

Interrogator: What about you?

Captive #2: I am also from El Santuario. 

Interrogator: What about your uncle Erick Cisneros Burgos the Government Secretary, where is he from?

Captive #1: He's also from Sanctuario sir. 

Interrogator: Who does Erick Cisneros Burgos the Government Secretary support here?

Captive #: He supports the Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) and Chivo Vasquez. 

Interrogator: What's his objective in the state and the Papaloapan basin?

Captive #1: My uncle contacted me several months back. He found me in the state of Quintana Roo. He offered me work. He offered me 5 million pesos so that I'd be the link with Julian Alvarez Vallejo and Pablo Mendoza aka El Junior. All of this took place so that I'd recruit hitmen for the Cartel de Sinaloa. And to start heating up the Papaloapan basin. As well as this zone. 

The Secretary of Public Security Hugo Guiterrez Maldonado doesn't want to work for the Cartel de Sinaloa, he's impartial to everything and doesn't want any problems. My uncle Erick Cisneros Burgos provided us with weapons, vehicles, and drugs. This was all done on the orders of Julian Alvarez Vallejo and Pablo Mendoza Junior. These two individuals that I've mentioned are from the Nopaltepec municipality. 

They're in charge of the Acatitlán and Nopaltepec zones. This is all worked for the Sinaloa Cartel. They gave us 20 long firearms, 5 short guns, 2 kilos of cocaine, and 40 kilos or marijuana. So that we'd start opening a drug sales point within all of the Papaloapan basin. 

Interrogator: This communique also goes out to you Julian Alvarez Vallejo. Pablo Mendoza aka El Junior from Nopaltepec, Carlos Alberto Rojas Salto aka El Cartero, and for the mob of El Gallero, you fucking back stabbing jerk off. The same goes for you Alvaro, you're El Gallero's right hand man. You also Poma. 

The same also goes for the director of the municipal police out of Cosamaloapan, Arturo Peña Salavar. Not too long ago you tortured and raped a female in the Cosamaloapan - Papaloapan basin. You're new to this area you fuck! Erick Cisneros, here líes all of your mob, the Cartel de Sinaloa, and your nephew as well. 


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  2. I wonder what Sinaloa Cartel faction works in Veracruz?

  3. All the lives lost for no reason and the government can't do nothing ,

    1. @4:07 "All the lives lost for no reason" Uhm...There are billions ($$$) of reasons. The reason sucks but greed knows no bounds.

  4. 10 bodies abandoned in zacatecas

  5. Off topic : I remember reading somewhere that Arley Perez (corrido singer) was also a sicario for Los Damasos and had been killed in Chapitos Vs Damaso war . but I just heard some new songs from him.
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  7. look like they all got 2 × 4'd in the arse.

  8. Ahh! The GLORY of being a bottom feeder in a billion dollar cartel. Stripped, tortured, killed,and stacked like yesterday's trash. Oh wait. They are yesterday's trash!

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