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Friday, December 10, 2021

Emma Coronel: From A Pawn To Queen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

If life were a chess board, Emma Coronel Aispuro, would honor her second, modest name, and would have started the game as the least important piece: a pawn.

Although she was born in San Francisco, California her childhood was far removed from the glamor of the Californian coasts. As a little girl she moved to a small community called La Angostura in the town of Canelas, in Durango, in the area known as “El Golden Triangle ”.

A region where the climate makes the cultivation of marijuana ideal. In that terrain everyone will be a pawn. At the beginning of the 90s, the heads of families in Angostura had two destiny’s, the most fortunate emigrated north to the U.S. or became soldiers.

The least of them stayed to work in the fields, almost always growing marijuana that grew wild and in high demand in the United States.

Emma Coronel's father, Inés Coronel Barrera, was one of those pawns with horse aspirations. He hated poverty and wanted to get out of it. But not as much as her brother, Emma's uncle, Nacho Coronel, the most ambitious of the family.

When a young hit man with a promising future in the criminal world settled in La Angostura and noticed Emma Coronel, just a teenager, the Coronel Aispuro family didn’t hesitate to give their blessing for the union of marriage. 

It was a wedding of convenience, where the only one who seemed to lose was the beauty queen who won the Cafe y La Guayaba fair in Canelas, Durango. "El Chapo" won a third, young and beautiful wife.

The Coronel Aispuro family had an ongoing bet that another Sinaloan pawn would become a king of the drug trade. And Emma was to become just one more trophy wife in the world of organized crime.

But Emma Coronel would make a first break in her life. Disguised just in her  beauty, she also camouflaged herself as one more buchona, but she wasn’t the latter. 

Supported by what she knew of a family-criminal business since she was a child, Emma Coronel acquired, without many of us knowing, roles within the Sinaloa Cartel that were leveling up.

The pawn piece changed. And she passed by on horseback: Emma not only looked good or spectacular in her husband's meetings. But she began to participate in drug trafficking and money laundering operations.

It was a discreet role, limited to what as a woman she could do in a macho structure such as a drug cartel. But it was a lot more than what other wives did.

And that led Emma Coronel to another break that caused her importance to change on the board. When "El Chapo" was apprehended for the second time, she was part of the inner circle that planned his escape from the Altiplano maximum security prison. 

Her role was no less. She was in charge of making contacts with high-level public servants during the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. She also had to make the necessary payments to bribe officials and ensure that the underground tunnel that would return her husband to freedom was well financed.

She was no longer a pawn, but a rook showing her skills, her charisma, her ability to work as an operator for the most important criminal group, perhaps, in the world.

The last break of hers occurred in full view. That day, Tuesday, October 30, Emma Coronel went from a rook to queen. She broke all possible molds when she surrendered in February of this year to the United States authorities and violated rule number one of organized crime: the pact of silence.

Emma Coronel did what no one from the Sinaloa Cartel did: voluntarily enter the United States, confess the crimes, divulge the secrets, those of others, and obtain a tiny sentence of about 3 years in a minimum security prison.

The queen will go free in the winter of 2024 without any guilt to be a celebrity, an influencer, a businesswoman or whatever she likes. And behind her she will have left dozens of dead men, perpetual prisoners or fugitives who only wished they had her luck. 

Emma Coronel, the pawn who became queen with chess movements. Checkmate.

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  1. No one messes with Emma!
    But I live her 3 inch high heeled shoes.

    1. You want to live in the heel of her shoe? Or be the heel to support her? Do not waste your time, as there are 100,000 others playing that role already.

    2. Shut the fuck up. Thats why she is doing 3 years dummy

  2. Animo Sicarios !
    #freeelchapo #freeemmacoronel

    Emma Coronel is protected 24x7 by a female Gente Nueva Tier 1 Operative who was trained by a super secret unit of Mossad. She is highly trained in Krav Maga,Mexican Lucha Libre and Tai Chi. She carries a pink camouflage 1911 9mm pistol.

    Animo viejon you will be back in Culican Sinaloa.
    RIP Nacho Coronel

    1. Ya callate lo osico pinche tacuache

    2. RIP
      Carmen Salinas
      Mexican Actress

    3. Shut up sicario ezoz tier ke dices de nada le valieron a ezoz P,o,s de tus patrones


    5. 6:20 it's spelled
      C A L I F O R N I A

  3. Replies
    1. No she don't work at a pawn shop, she is in prison.

  4. This silicone buchona is STILL a pawn used by chapo and now the US prison system..

  5. Chapo is essentially dead for all intents and purposes.

  6. Esa emma saliendosdel jail si no es cds cjng la va a descuartzar MARK MY WORDS.

  7. Chapitos betrayed, amd turned in their dad! That's why she left and had to turn her self in!

  8. I’m sure she snitched with worthless info or info provided by chapitos. I’m sure it was all prearranged through her attorneys with chapos kids. And the pathetic and criminal dea was all to happy to lap up the “info” like the disgusting diseased dogs they are! Fuck you mike vigil! My hard earned tax dollars get to provide her with federal protection and whatever else the feds decide. Thanks a million corrupt gov pigs! And fuck you too!

    1. @blamewhitey: Don't hold back brother, tell us how you really feel!

    2. so how dark is someone with a screen-name "BLAMEWHITEY"?

  9. According to thie article Emma gave up sevrets on others. Where is the proof? Where is the paperwork or the articles with proof that she in fsct cooperated with law enforcement to reieve a lighter sentence. Not all plea bargains include giving up information. Just because someone signed a plea deal doesnt mean you are forced to tell or its part of the deal. Many times people take deals because they want to avoid trial, because its a open and shut case meaning theyre fucked and its probbaly best they take a deal for lesser time than that of losing in trial or the DA has a weak case and offers a deal to get A conviction and the accused takes it because a short term is better than still risking a trial and losing. You cannot be forced to give information or any statements, you have the right to an attorney. Meaning your attroney speaks on your behalf
    Just because she got only 3 years doesnt mean shes telling althouvh idgaf about her or chapos lacra ass and i wouldnt push it past her to flip i dontser proof snywhere that she in fact divulged information
    Like i said even if she tool such little time it could just be luck or a weak case or her lack of a past criminal record working in her favor.
    Mybe i missed the proof of her telling pls correct me with proof or facts not just assumption anyone

    There is a thin lime between telling ad notm if anyone divulges common knowledge or offers information and the DA or Detectives REJECT to listen to your information it is NOT necessarily telling. You essentially told them something they already knew or you OFFERED whcih they rejected which technically you didnt tell.
    Ive seen it myself prison a homie was arrested and offered the cops info on another muder which they rejected and hes stilll good walking General Population mainline. I mean i dont condone it and toe thts bitch shit but its the truth.

    1. There is no proof and no one knows anything about Emma. All speculation. Emma has family in Mexico and she has kids so I am certain no big secrets were given. Only on enemies for sure. On allie, the info she shared was already known.

  10. @Driving MSSQL-
    Says who? You? And you are what? Simply stating your own opinion? I guarantee she will go right back to Mexico. She has the support of Los Chapitos. Where you been at?

  11. @5:55-
    Just talking out of your anus, huh?

  12. Just another HOE who's real ambitions was to marry someone with money.
    Can care 2 cents to a detainee who chose otherwise for a career.


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