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Friday, December 10, 2021

Zacatecas, ZAC: After An Attack, The Army Detains 17 People In Pinos

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two of the attackers were killed and another was wounded; weapons and vehicles were seized, it was reported

The State Committee for Peacebuilding and Security reported that, in the municipality of Pinos, 17 people were detained, after military personnel from the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) were attacked with gunfire. 

Military personnel were attacked with gunfire this morning in the Las Cabras community, when they were carrying out security operations, in order to strengthen actions to restore social peace.

After repelling the civilian aggression, two of the attackers lost their lives at the scene and one more was injured. In addition, as a result of the military action, the arrest of 17 people was achieved, the confiscation of five long weapons, two vehicles and other indications that will be made available to the competent authority.

With actions such as the one described, it was indicated, the Government of Zacatecas, through the State Board for the Construction of Peace and Security, reaffirms its commitment to face those who break the law, to advance in the construction of a peaceful Zacatecas.

Likewise, it was highlighted that the reinforcement of security in the municipalities of the entity, with elements of the military, is part of the commitment made, in a recent visit, by President Andrés López Obrador to support Zacatecas to recover social peace.

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  2. Say thank you! Your welcome army! Your welcome for my tax dollars providing you with those glorious gunships.

  3. Funny how there has ALWAYS been 2 dominant cartels and presidents back both and they just sit back and let them kill each other.. how strange i say..

  4. This is MZ people. Those helmets belong to a groupo de choque that protected Flechas. This mustve been part of his escoltas or a ring of security before getting to him.

  5. This is just a show to act like the NAVY is doing their job.. everything will be back to normal (chaos) in zacatecas


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