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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

El Refugio, Queretaro: ‘La Cotorra’, Lieutenant For ‘El Marro’ Is Apprehended

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Following a raid in the Natuur subdivision, inside the El Refugio neighborhood, in the capital of Querétaro, Santiago “N” alias “La Cotorra” was arrested.

He has been linked to various criminal acts in the border area of ​​Querétaro with Los Apaseos in Guanajuato, and he is considered a lieutenant of the former leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, El Marro.

Along with his two accomplices, he is related to at least two homicides as well as the disappearance of people committed by individuals and crimes against health.

The Attorney General's Office reported that said place had been rented by the original subject from San Bartolo, Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato, just a few weeks ago.

He said that in the police intervention 8 telephone sets, cash, two long weapons, substances similar to marijuana and methamphetamine were seized.

The accused and two other people were placed at the disposal of the Judge, so that their legal situation can be determined.

In accordance with the coordinated efforts with authorities in other states, information about his arrest will be shared so that it can be verified with other crimes with which they could be linked.



  1. I think El Cotorra opened the wrong door in the "City of Doors". Marro has a room-mate

  2. We all know the drill, after a good bribe is paid, he will be out.

  3. La Cotorra will birth some periquitos soon, they'll all sing Karaoke in the joint to entertain the prisoners, johnny cash and bb king are unavailable.


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