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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Huejuquilla el Alto, Jalisco: 50 Cartel Jalisco Hitmen Kidnap 8 Policemen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

8 State Police were subdued by an armed group of 50 CJNG hitmen on the highway that goes from Huejuquilla el Alto to Valparaíso, Zacatecas.

The gunmen stole a patrol vehicle and all their weapons; they "spared" their lives.

 Video translation is as follows:

Regional police officers of the Jalisco Security Secretariat were ambushed by an armed criminal cell when they were patrolling on a dirt road that is located on the Huejuquilla el Alto highway to Valparaíso. 

In the Huejuquilla el Alto municipality, Jalisco, apparently fifty heavily armed individuals emerged from the undergrowth and began firing at the State Police. Seeing themselves at a disadvantage, the 8 uniformed men surrendered and were subdued.

They stripped them of long weapons, short weapons, ballistic vests, and radio communications equipment. In addition, they took a patrol with a high-caliber weapon marked with the economic number 407. At the scene of the confrontation there was another patrol unit with several gunshot impacts.

The 8 policemen were momentarily kidnapped and abandoned in an area with difficult vehicular access. Fortunately they were reported unharmed. They had to ask for support over the phone. The armed group fled with the official unit to the neighboring state of Zacatecas. So far no people have been reported detained for this crime. 

Frontera Al Rojo Vivo


  1. Luckiest police in Mexico in my opinion.

  2. Replies
    1. Ah shut up same thing you say every day, bunch of low life tweakers.

    2. 7:31 calm down this one 💩💩

    3. We have cjng fanboy in he love Mencho so much, that he will s
      his chorizo.

    4. 7:31 secret management aka hussle01

    5. 9:21 @ you mean the fanboy is gay?

    6. They are tweakers though it is what it is. the the 1st time I ever seen people smoking meth heavily and going crazy was in Michoacan and Jalisco back in early 2000s I doubt much has changed

    7. it has gotten far far worse. meth addiction is rampant across Jalisco state and even within the cjng itself. the untrained local cjng gangsters in all the small towns are all meth addicts, and the cjng seems to not care that all their workers are becoming weaker.

  3. Replies
    1. Same cheerleader, go to school.

    2. 8:08 el pinchi viejillo gonorriento no es el padre de nadie.

  4. Thankfully those police officer's were not killed by CJNG, but I still wonder why would you go after them to begin with if you were only going to dump them later, seems like as waste of time and man power.

  5. Well good for CJNG. I don’t like what they did but good for not killing the cops

  6. The chairs gonna turn on Mencho 360

    1. I was reading archives and so, so many commenters in 2014 saying CJNG days are over, Mencho is on the verge of getting caught. This in 2014
      Don't get me wrong, it would be awesome of CJNG/Mencho closed up shop but we both know a week later a new cartel would be in the making. Sadly, CJNG not going anywhere. They are too huge and the war machine, corruption and banking system needs them to thrive, and so they will.
      *Will re-open topic for discussion in 2026 *but to discuss CJNG (even if Mencho is gone) going anyway or getting defeated is just ignorant.

    2. 10:03 I like the fact your reading old comments to get an idea of this site and cartel activity.
      There are many cheerleaders here saying how cjng was going to fall. Some even gave it a time frame, like
      "I give mencho 6 months before hes caught or killed" lol
      Many will act like they know more than what is going on and spread rummors. Like "chapitos and mayo made a truce" but you know thats a lie.
      Many will deny the stories like when mayo and chapos were at war.
      Yea, cjng are not going any time soon.
      Even CDS is active after so many hard blows and nany arrested. They lost many plazas and are at war but still strong in sinaloa, durango, tijuana, mexicali and sonora.

    3. ...Many will act like they know more than what is going on and spread rummors...

      LoL. The irony. News flash, you're one of them.

    4. Ms H, one more thing. There are a few haters in this site that will try to get under your skin for saying FACTS
      .. i got a few haters like 4:43 who got his feeligs hurt niw he wont leave me alone lol

    5. everyones got hater 11:11 its life unfortunately.

  7. People of Mexico have you had enough?

    1. No not really we the pheasants want more torture, more death, but thanks for asking.

    2. Ahhhhhh... Yeahhhhhhh. So, PEASANTS are people (much like yourself, I would gather!), while PHEASANTS are a tasty bird, best hunted with a 20 gauge.

    3. Sorry, but you do realize they are as impotent as your grandfather to do anything? No social Cialis is as of yet, no Viagra to help people rise up. You rise up, you and family are dead. Plain and simple.
      Keep reading and know in your heart that sadly there is no simple, bite size solution to this problem. Anyone who says differently needs to open their books.

    4. 9:53 You clearly know what he/she meant, in you said if Mexico had enough, it was responded to the silly question, that peasants( citizens, townspeople, campinsinos) would want more torture and death. Why put a silly question 😂, when you know the answer.

    5. @10:06am.Maybe it simply boils down to Mexican men not having the balls to rise up. I don't like Arab Muslims. But I have tremendous respect for them, for they will take up arms and fight. Arab fighters rose in Libya, Syria,Tunisia.
      When Arabs need help on the battlefield, foreign Arabs flock in to help. Many go seeking death on the battlefield. An Arab will strap on an explosive vest and detonate himself to kill his enemies. Black and Mexican men don't have that type of courage.
      It's no fun thinking that, but that's the way it is.

    6. @@5:22 they said yes they want more torture and death lol.
      Outrageous question.
      Outrageous answer.

    7. JamesBrown you're an idiot. Lol. You're out of touch. You've never been to any of the places you mentioned and I doubt you've ever been to Mexico.

    8. @10:22. No I have not visited Mexico. I would love to live in Mexico. I am no braver or cowardly than the next man.
      But the truth hurts. Algerian men suffered tremendous privation yet they still fought. Chechen men faced down the Russian bear. When the US invaded Iraq Saddam Hussein refused to run. Other men went on the warpath against tyranny and grim inequality.
      You can make all the excuses you want to. But some men just don't sit silent and go along. Some men do. All men are not equal. Looking, I'm Black. African men should take a long look in the mirror and ask themselves why they let a few Europeans run them into the ground. I bet you the South Africans would not have pushed Palestinians around.
      In sum, maybe Mexicans like the status quo.

    9. JAMESBROWN you said it yourself, you have never visited Mexico. I don't consider you brave nor a coward. I just think you're ignorant. It's not all your fault though. I've said this in the past, BB is a great website but unfortunately it it puts blinders on most of its readers because it only focuses on narco related news. It gives the reader the impression that Mexico is more like a war torn country from out of a movie and that all day long you have lawless criminals terrorizing all of Mexican society. It's not Culiacan October 17th 2019 all day every day. It's not Capital Hill insurgents take over. For all the times I've gone, (going on 5 this year) I've never experienced violence as it is described in some of these articles. Does crime happen? Yes, like anywhere in the world, doesn't mean I'm going to live in a bubble for the rest of my life... I suggest you go to mexico and visit. Who knows, you might wind up living there as you would one day like to.

    10. Hey hey calm down, James Brown is allowed to comment in here, after all it's not Cuba, Russia, China where freedom of speech is censored. Furthermore Mr. Brown has been through a tramatic experience, losing some cheerished ones, as Barney Harris , killed while trying to rob a CJNG safehousevin North Carolina.
      So ease up and be kool.

  8. Thank you for sparing their lives!

    "Con la pólvora en la sangre
    Mucha agilidad en las manos
    Lo que soy, no lo demuestro
    Muchos ya se han atorado
    No muy alto, no muy bajo
    100% michoacano
    Empecé de cocinero
    No quise estar encerrado
    Monté mi laboratorio
    Solo se me fue aclientando
    Nunca me gusto ser pobre
    Por eso entre al contrabando
    La sociedad me señala
    Según soy mala persona
    El gobierno me persigue
    Porque trafico la droga
    Pero mi gente le pide
    A Dios, que me dé su sombra
    Carros blindados me gustan
    Pa' salir a trabajar
    Un caballo pura sangre
    Para salir a pasear
    Los Alegres del Barranco
    Que me vengan a tocar
    Un trago para brindar
    Rodeado de mis amigos
    90 en seguridad
    Aunque no tengo enemigos
    La envidia siempre anda suelta
    Por eso siempre me cuido
    Armas de grueso calibre
    Siempre me gusta portar
    El poder te da dinero
    A mí me lo da el cristal
    Soy amigo respetuoso
    Y nacido en Michoacán"

    1. A 006 wanna be.
      CJNG is the most powerful in the world they will conquer USA.
      Long live Mencho the most powerful man in the universe.🧡🐼

    2. ...And now, back to your Call of Duty game in your mother's basement. Too funny. I mean, really?

    3. CJNG is number #1
      All the other cartels are slime balls, long Mencho live, whitey kiss my azz.

    4. This Reddit kid won't leave the site, we are going to have to tell his mom. Get back to school.

    5. Very old corrido Rambo allá hace como 11 años de eso . En ese tiempo no tenía enemigos el mencho pos andaba de la mano del cartel de Sinaloa y carteles unidos que en ese tiempo era la familia , cds, cdg etc . Cual miedo . Pero hoy no creo que se pasie igual . Saludos
      Me pregunto ese tal 90 será el mismo que pelea en Zacatecas que va por clave 090 ???

  9. This is what happens when the government of Obrador, let's criminal Cartels run rampant, they continue to grow. For that fool that says military only works 2 days a week, now do you realize why they need to be fighting crime, or do still have your head in the sand defending the enpt president?
    Nevertheless no justice has been done of the 12 policemen that were ambushed over s year ago, yes by the same cartel cjng.

  10. Mustve been one of the bosses escolta personal. Fuck a clonada , i want a real patrol unit lol

    1. Sosa control yourself or you get kicked out again.

  11. Cuicos getting planted by their sheriff to get robbed of weapons, uniforms, troques, their virginity and their socks, they do not patrol the city until victims are dead and criminals escaped, but were on patrol on a deserted road, really?


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