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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua: Days Of The Dead And Butchered Pieces

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They dismember a man and throw pieces of him in the street

The remains of a dismembered man appeared mid-morning in the city’s west side. The discovery occurred on Independencia Boulevard and Santiago Troncoso.

Body parts were abandoned at different points. Bones and meat were scattered by dogs.

Authorities are finding them in pieces

They find a human head in the Papalote community but the body hasn’t appeared. Resident woke up this morning to a human head in the El Papalote neighborhood. 

The head was lying on San Isidro and Francisco Márquez streets. It belongs to a man and was wrapped in plastic bags. The body has not been found.

La Polaka 1

La Polaka 2


  1. These cartels take Halloween to a different level. Damn!

  2. Mexico amazes me, not a single day with out murders happening.

    1. Remarkably enough, Oakland CA is averaging one murder every three days. That's just one city in California. Mexico is brutal, but the USA has its own issues with wanton violence, social unrest, and sophisticated drug trafficking organizations. I'm born in the US of immigrant parents, and my country of birth amazes me each day that I read about the carnage here at home.

    2. It's the brutality of these murders & heartlessness of entire families wiped out that shocks. Also, the wholesale kidnapping of ANYONE differentiates U.S. from mexico. Assault weapons rule in mexico too, not as commonly used up north.

    3. 4:57 dont compare,US is disneyland to Mexico

    4. At 4:57
      Tremendous amount of murders occurring in Mexico yearly, not possible to compare to USA. But what can be said, MEXICO is the number 1, in the world for HOMICIDES and CURUPTION.

    5. 7:38 the US was warned, even by the Pope about the consequences of starting a "war ON drugs" in México, he said he hoped the country would not be colombianized, but US/colombian Contractors had to get their hands on some money, FECAL and Genarco Garcia Luna got medals and diplomas from colombia and spain, alvaro uribe velez gave medals too...the consequences are all they left behind, but they made off with loot and treasury, 3 billion dollars a year for 12 years of FECAL and EPN = 37 BILLION and counting.

  3. Remember? All the heads in the streets of Aucapulco one day? It's quieted down, or news suppressed. (2) journalists killed down there the past week


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