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Monday, October 4, 2021

Self-Defense Group Emerges After Criminal Attacks In Chiapas

"Sol Prendido" and "HEARST' for Borderland Beat

A new self-defense group called “Gente de la Selva” or People of the Jungle, has announced its presence and its support for the group La Machete who operate in the state of Chiapas. 

Pantelhó is a town and municipality in the highlands area of the state of Chiapas, in the northern region of the state. 

On September 29, 2021, journalist Gabriela Coutiño uploaded the following video to her twitter account. The video shows an armed group of men who announce they are an auto defensa, or self defense group, in the municipality of Pantelhó, in the state of Chiapas.

Video Credit: Gabriela Coutiño

In the video, they say the following, as translate by Sol Prendido: 

This is a communication for the three levels of government. We are the mob of the jungle, of the forests and the woodlands. And this communique is to let everyone know that the self proclaimed self defense group El Machete is not alone. We, from the jungle, are here to support them. 

We support the Los Machetes group in the armed uprising against the narco government of municipal president Delia Janeth Velasco Flores, along with her husband Raquel Trujillo Morales, that operates in the town of Pantelhó. 

They’ve been financing the organized crime that is currently being led by Talli Herrera. We know for a fact that organized crime led by Talli Herrera has caused a lot of pain in this municipality.

For this very reason we have risen to support the Grupo Machete. Have courage Grupo Machete. We’re here to back you up. Therefore, whatever attempt is made against the self defense group Grupo Machete, we will be here to give them support. 

Have courage Grupo Machete. Don’t back down. We will be here for you.

Who is El Machete?

The group Autodefensas del Pueblo El Machete, often shortened simply to Los Machetes or El Machete, is a relatively new self-defense group in the state of Chiapas. 

They are most well known for having, in the early morning hours of approximately 4:00 am on July 7, 2021, entered and seized control of the town of Pantelhó. 

Their stated reason for why they chose to take over the town was that they wished to combat the organized crime group which was plaguing the citizens of Pantelhó, especially the Tsotsil indigenous people of the community. They later stated they did this "not to attack the town, but to expel the hitmen, the drug traffickers, the organized crime.”

They also alleged that the municipal government was colluding with the organized crime group “Los Herreras”.

In an open letter they released on July 10, 2021, members of El Machete also alleged this issue was not new and in fact had been going on for nearly 20 years. They pointed back to the term of Austreberto Herrera Abarca, in 2002, as the starting point at which organized crime began to infiltrate the local government.  

Who is Austreberto Herrera Abarca?

Austreberto Herrera Abarca was a municipal judge for Pantelhó. He allegedly used his position to control all the drug trafficking in the area, employed violence to those that opposed him and used his influence to place his family members in important positions of power within the local government. 

In 2018, Austreberto Herrera Abarca supported the PRD candidate for municipal presidency, Santos López Hernández.

The Machete members claimed, in their letter, that "he has killed approximately 200 people; at the beginning we denounced, but the Public Ministry never took our complaints into account and some of our comrades were killed for denouncing the violence we are experiencing." 

These claims are not baseless because on August 3, 2019, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), arrested Austreberto Herrera Abarca on charges related to the homicide of Edgar Eleazar Herrera Trejo, 33, and Carlos Trejo Hernández, 54. 

According to news publisher El Ciudadano, municipal president Santos López Hernández promoted the capture and imprisonment of Austreberto Herrera Abarca despite having won his position only a year earlier due largely to Herrera Abarca’s support.

But in 2020, Santos López Hernández was accused and found guilty of violence and abuse against women who worked alongside him in city hall.  Over 11 millions of pesos were found to be missing from the municipal coffers following his arrest. 

Who are Delia Yaneth Velasco Flores and Raquel Trujillo Morales?

Delia Yaneth Velasco Flores was the municipal president for Pantelhó. Santos López Hernández’s 2020 arrest left the position of municipal president open and Delia Yaneth Velasco Flores, municipal trustee, was appointed as the interim municipal president until proper elections could be held to find a replacement for Santos. 

Delia’s husband Raquel Trujillo Morales ran in an electoral race for the municipal presidency and won, although there is widespread speculation from self defense groups and citizens alike that the election was rigged in his favor.

Self defense groups in the area alleged that after Austreberto Herrera Abarca and Santos López Hernández were arrested, the Los Herrera crime group reorganized itself under the command of Ausreberto’s son Daily de los Santos Herrera Gutiérrez. They say that Daily de los Santos and the husband and wife duo of Delia and Raquel were colluding together now and that Los Herreras still ruled Pantelhó. 

On August 7, 2021, Delia Janeth and the seven members of the municipal council were forced to present their resignations at the request of the Chiapas government. Her husband Raquel still stood to assume the position of municipal president on October 1, 2021, however. 

And on October 1, Raquel Trujillo Morales did officially get inaugurated into the position however he had to do so within a hotel room in a location west of Chiapas capital city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, far from the town he will supposedly govern of Pantelhó. 

There are widespread protests in Pantelhó from citizens who reject Raquel Trujillo Morales’s win, believing it was rigged. As well as multiple threats on Raquel’s life, coming from self defense groups, should he ever chose to step foot in  Pantelhó again.

And El Machete and Gente de la Selva are not alone as on October 3, 2021, a new video has emerged in which a third self defense calling themselves "Fuerzas Armadas De Simojovel" has expressed their support for the two aforementioned groups in their fight against Los Herreras. In the video the group says largely the same, a general solidarity message for El Machete.

Video translation is as follows:

Simojovel, Chiapas. September 30,2021. The armed forces of Simojovel announces the new independent force of a political party to the general people, to the citizens of Simojovel, to all the communities. This message is addressed to the municipal president Gilberto Martínez Andrade and the groups who currently lead that we know that we have identified them. It is well known that in previous administrations the municipal presidents did what they wanted. And they all went unpunished. But now we have formed the people's armed forces. In order to demand respect for our human rights. If we have not entered the town, it’s because of respect. As well as to safeguard the integrity of the citizenry. But we will soon take action if our demands are not met. 1: We want respect for our indigenous brothers. 2: There will no longer be anymore withdrawals of resources from the village. 3: We will not allow hitmen or armed narco traffickers who intimidate the townspeople. There will be zero tolerance for the clandestine sale of drugs. 5: There will no longer be anymore deaths on the streets of Simojovel either. 6: We require worthy medical attention for the general public. 7: Public security will be here for the towns and not for delinquents. If these just demands can't be met. We, the armed forces of this town will act with consequences against the evil municipal government here in Simojovel, Chiapas. Todays date is September 30,2021. We are for peace, for Justice, and for the tranquility of the Simojovel townspeople. We are the armed militia of Simojovel.

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  1. Great autodefensas opening the can of curupt officials of the town. Best way to keep the town clean. Other cities should take heed at this example.

  2. I am sure Opinions of OG shadow vary wildly on here as they do generally on any platform, but anyone know if he is just translating common articles when they come out, or gets some things early? Bc I have always trusted BB’s credibility, and often I will see a shadow video topic pop up here or a couple other less prolific English sources, which means he isn’t spouting bullshit, atleast not much of the time, and he isn’t going out on a limb with his head insight beyond the face of the stories, as myself and many who follow the going’s on in Mexican run oc could throw out the same general commentary on how and why certain things transpire, so I don’t care whether he is legit as a convicted cds member or gun runner, just figured his name may bring up some interesting opinions, as this is one of a few articles within the last week that I have seen the same topic for his video and then translated article on BB a day or two later. He acts like he gets inside tips and sources, which given the overlap I think is just to make his channel and service seem sexier than it is, as more than just translations.

    1. The only thing shadow is doing is gathering what all he comes across here. Along with a few other places and passing it off as his own. It’s no different than what Grillonautas or El Mexa are doing in their YouTube videos. I studied their videos for several months. And after having seen them for so long i finally came to the realization that they’re just cherry picking paragraphs from different news articles. And passing them off as original works. Grillonautas has superb video and graphics to go with their presentations. But it’s in Spanish. What sets this shadow character apart is that he’s constantly hitting his followers up for $$$. Look at his first videos and you’ll see he’s dressed like a fucking bum. As time progresses his wardrobe gets updated from all those donations. Apparently he feels he’s fashionably dressed. To each his own. Lol. But as far as shadow goes this man is about as fake as a porn stars heavy moaning. He once proudly mentioned how the Anthrax crew was activated again while wearing an AK-47 pendant. The shit just looked cheesy as fuck. But he gets paid because he’s running a scam while openly supporting CDS. And if anyone is willingly giving their money to what clearly looks like a drug addict. Then yeah keep doing it. You deserve what you get. I’m sure Grillonautas and El Mexa are getting paid through the commercials. But I’ve yet to hear them ask for donations.

    2. PART 1
      Good description Sol. Let me add to it.
      Og Shadow is nothing but a lying son of a Gun. To start off he said he was in Mexico barely leaving the sicario life. He always claimed to be an Ex Antrax soldier and worked under his compa a drug CAPO X20 or something. Who was never even an Anthrax and was just some local plaza boss. He says he was shot in the face and has gnarley scars which is BS. I can prove it. And that he was given permission to leave the lfie after suffering gunshot wounds that left him unable to move his hands and legs properly specifically his hands..
      He often filmed videos out in some dessert and it was clear it was AZ and he wouls film in a house that looked Dusty AF that was your ttpicle white trash Grandma who cant clean cuz too old and grandsons and daughter lving there dont clean nor care. With HARDWOOD FLOORS.. everyone knows wood isnt used in homes in Mexico unless you have MONEY.
      He used to look like a bum. Raggedy clothes, long hair under his hat and dirty backgrounds he literally used to Nodd out on all his videos. Somwtimes really really and for minutes and it was clear he was high on some type of opiate.Well one time he got so high forgot he was on Live and Showed his face and wdyk. NO SCAR. Just a scruffy beard and hair and junky lookalike. Rubbed his face and scratched himself n walked off his his phone.
      If you talk shit on his page hell block you and you cannot comment. Notice why there is NEVER any negative comments.
      He tries to ask for money all the time for his project to bring food water n supplies to rural sinaloa.. never shows proof. Only once he went to somw barrio in mexico, gave them each the equivalent of a quarter in pesos and acted like he was the shit.
      Now he wears fake brand clothes, sports an AK chain and acts like hes doing itm always begging for money on live. He literally glorfies the Antrax and CDS completely and yet continues to say he is against the life now n tries to keep ppl from it. But paid for a sorry ass corrdio about his lie of a life
      It gets better.
      My little cousin, a frequent BB reader sent him an email saying he was cjng and that he was gunna look for him and he had so much time to take down video od cjng etc he posted it sayig "after comfirming with my sources i know its real" lmao. My lil cuzn chose a name off a cjng manta and he said it was real .

    3. PART 2
      Now as for where he gets his info. He literally waits for blog de narco, for grillonautas and el coyote to post soemthig he waits a day or two and makes his own version fills in the balnks and says he takes longer cause he verifies with resl legit sources lol. Somwone once commemted "what if they ran and l Eid ft those rifles and Motin de guerra" on purpose and put a GPs tracker and thats how they found La Cholita from day he made a videosaying thats in fact how they found her ans he confirmed with soueces.
      One time he showed Pedron Antrax or somecdude the old ugly antrax dude driving a buik Crossover you could clearly see the steering wheel and inside of dash and he said "Pedron Antrax driving in his luxury bulllet prroof LINCOLN" lmao someone commented mentioning it and he replied that he knew him personalky and knew that car. One time he tried to post a BS story that One od the Chapitos got kiled by car bomb which in fact it happened to El Durango accoriding to sources at like 3am all tweaked out. Well turned out false. He took his account down for a month or so. Came back when he thouvht ppl forgot and said he got hacked or taken down lol. Just let heat die a bit. He says he wouls nodd because he was on aome nerve pills but anyone who has used or seen a user knows he was off that Fet or Heroin.
      Those two lame ass paisas heswth can be anyone. He says they are stil sctive CDS members but they look like some paisas he convinved to speak on camera and go along with his show with the promise of their share of money
      Finally he got soem money and built up some courage ans drove through the city of Culiacan and somw other big cities visited the famous cemetary of narcos and said that was "Proof" that he was in fact an antrax and in mexico. Lmao. They aint worried about some white boy who copies amd pastes narco news. Mexico isnt liek they paint it out to be. Thered soem areas you juat dont go eithout permission but usualy where there is a big narco boss or some lacras are taking advantage of the ppl other than that its good almost everywhere as long as you aint doing Bs
      Hes on Reddit, on BB asking ppl hoe they feel about him but as someoen else and trting to plant the seed thats hes legit lol. U can tell it bothers him alot. All his stupid ass followers dont knoe abou anything they just watch it cuz it sounds cool and its in english but they know nothing.
      Bottom line OG shadow is a lame and a fraud and anyone who gves that junky money is just as stupid ass him.
      He calls them "Shadow Warriors" lmao 🤣🤣 sprry for the emoji but it gets me everytime
      Heres a link to his face being shown

  3. I remember several months back when they first came out. And I saw a bunch of them standing in formation with those 26-28 inch machetes. Holy shit! You already them goon hitmen they’re dealing with are gonna get their asses handed to them. It says a lot if the country folk are pissed down in Chiapas. The indigenous people are just a laid back bunch. But if they get hot it’s guaranteed they’re going on a warpath. These gentlemen with that country drawl won’t hesitate to do what’s necessary. Anyways so at 1:15 into this video you can clearly see those blades that they get down with.

    1. SOL los Machetes are not really autodefensas. They are ppl of the sierra who are allied with Mencho and CJNG. They aresimply using the AD tag to avoid being prosecuted pr lower the chances of so and to spin the propaganda in their favor m CDS has had Chiapas in their pocket for a long long time. Now CJNG wants that because its the fist mexican state by the Guatemala border which means allt of drugs passed on land pass through there first.

      Idk much about the Cartel del Sierra but ots known the locals sold themselves to CJNG well at least Los Machetes

  4. A man named "Raquel" wtf 😳🤣

    1. Yes sir
      Ther is also
      Octavia. Octavio

      Natalie Natilio

      Agustina. Agustina

      Manuela. Manuel

    2. María is also a man's name... I've met a José Maria

  5. Casa de La Casa, a city close by lies on the Pan American Highway. The only road that I know of that goes to South America from Mexico. Casa de la Casa has witches, magico's bongos, they take you on a trip over the mountains.

    If I remember correctly, which is highly suspect, you can take buses from Casa to Pantelho. Most of the riders are dressed in white and carry machetes. They farm the highlands and live on steep slopes. I have never seen a people with such knotted calves.

    Now, back to this article, get map putting the municipality in context with Casa and Tuxtla Gutierrez. Right in the drug zone from Guatemala to Mexico transit. It's to Autodefensas as most of them claim.

    Deilah does look as such, but Raquel looks like a vequero who obviously gets paid well for his jewelry. I do have to say, that I admire the pen in his pocket. He obviously takes notes.

  6. 2:31 rocky chochas,
    ustè càllese las chichis.

  7. I guess no Zapatistas are involved in all this shit.
    ioan grillo and grillonautas suck too

    1. SIR where is comandante Marcos?
      I ask comandante SOSA, and he don't rely, he looks at me like a zombie.

  8. I don't think anyone can speak of these people's true intentions. Having lived in the Yucatan I believe they are not allies with any criminal groups. Enough is enough. Mexico needs a civil war!


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