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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mexican Cartels take hold in Drug Trafficking to Europe

“Guerrero” for Borderland Beat

CÉSAR GARCÍA  for Milenio

Mexico City / 03.10.2021 01:10:18

Latin American criminal networks maintain a presence in Europe, an attractive market for the sale of cocaine and, according to the UN Office for Drugs and Crime, the supply of this drug is unprecedented and a fundamental actor is the Cartel of Sinaloa, with origin in Mexico.

According to an Interpol study, groups such as the Sinaloa Cartel have outpaced Colombian traffickers in the sale of cocaine in the European Union; the authorities have dealt blows to the search for routes. Evidence points to the incursion of some Mexican groups that operate directly in the coca growing regions of Colombia. 

According to the document The Illicit Cocaine Trade from Latin America to Europe: From Oligopolies to Freedom for All? Edited by UNODC with Interpol, Mexican cartels are now transnational criminal organizations involved not only in drug trafficking, security services, legal assistance and even money laundering.

According to these institutions, criminal organizations in the European Union use independent intermediaries, when before the Mexican cartels were only marginally involved in drug trafficking in Europe; its activities on that continent have recently intensified. Cocaine producers in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia had long contacts with European criminal networks to supply unprecedented quantities of the substance, which fetches very high prices in the old continent compared to most other regions of the world, which implies significant profit margins for both producers and distributors.

The document recalls that in February 2020 the Italian authorities thwarted an attempt by the Sinaloa Cartel to supply cocaine from Colombia to traffickers in Italy through Catania , in Sicily, as the authorities' sources advanced that the cartel aimed to develop a new route to transfer large cargoes by private plane from the Central American country to the small airports in Italy. In that case, 400 kilograms of the drug arrived at the Fontanarossa airport on a commercial flight, but it could have been seized due to the infiltration of informants.

According to UNODC and Interpol, formerly dominant actors in drug trafficking such as the FARC and the Northern Colombia Cartel have dispersed and this may be one of the reasons for the expanded presence of Mexican groups in Colombia, as a way to continue acquiring large shipments of cocaine, which could no longer be supplied by the smaller players. In addition, they warn of indications of a recent incursion by some Mexican groups that operate directly in the coca growing regions, since the long history of collaboration with Colombian traffickers, intimate knowledge of the illicit trade of this drug and the common language probably gave them significant advantages in getting so deep into the substance's supply chain. 

The experience of the Mexican cartels in the drug allowed them to improve their contact in the European market. Evidence points to the incursion of some Mexican groups that operate directly in the coca growing regions of Colombia.

Source: Milenio


  1. I guess I'll comment to my own post to keep me from feeling sorry for myself . . :) We have read here for years how the cartels first expedited the shipping of coke to USA. Felix Gallardo made the deal, and then the coke was flying into Ojinaga. Remember Presidio and the Lord of the Skies. Africa, especially became a major transport into Europe for Cocaine. All of these articles are available by just searching the archives. They are rich with history and content. Okay, I feel better now, I've commented on my own article. I'm at peace. deeLucky, Micah, where are you?

    1. Ah, the Lord of the Skies character. So many people seem to think that he’s the only trafficker who uses the Lords name within his moniker. Unfortunately, others have followed in his wake to use it as well. Of course when you hear it in Spanish as El Señor de Los Cielos. You don’t give it too much thought to how it actually sounds in English until it’s translated. Then it becomes sacrilegious to the holier than thou types. Just as it also bothers the award winning linguists who suddenly sweep through here from time to time. Lol.

    2. Don't ever feel bad about the way you go about it on here. Somebody's gotta fix it for these motherfuckers and since we're already doing it might as well and go head the fuck on. Because as I sit here in comfort while just a walk away, is my brother or sister being mutilated. While these euro fucks it off our dime here in the Americas. They didn't bring anything new we needed. They found a newness here. In the landscape business my boss was Guerrerense. " en Guerrero matan por gratis". And it is as sure as his work.

  2. Allo other other organizations in Europe are cartel puppets

  3. Senor de los cielos may sound sacrilegious, especially in a catholic nation, at least it conjures images of some significance. What images does el Senor de los gallos conjure? Outside of cultures with deep ties to cock fighting, the brain may spit out some interesting images when spoken aloud in English. The ties to Europe should have been known for sometime, given the number of Italian, Jewish/Israeli, Albanian, Romanian, et al characters found dead and alive in Mexico.

  4. In the next decade or so the massive migrant influx in Europe that has/is occurring will result in the organization of numerous street level gangs much more than exists now. They will be supplied with the drugs by the main traffickers. The violence and street level crime will be unprecedented in Europe’s history. With many euro countries the right to bear arms is basically non existent. Thus, as seen in many countries only the elite, rich, cops, and criminals will have guns. The poor and average citizens will be in the same position that poor or average Mexican citizens find themselves. The violence won’t be at Mexico levels in savagery, but more along the lines of USA in the 80’s and 90’s. With the massive influx of migrants that usually don’t bring skilled labor or education, and will count on government aid to survive in their new country. Europe will burst at the seems. Rape and street crime are already at all time highs in many of the euro countries that accepted the invasion of migrants from Africa and the Middle East though not reported in the mainstream for liberal fear of being labeled racist. Are all migrants rapist and criminals? Of course not! Nobody can deny that many African and Middle East Countries are the epicenter of rape where it is accepted and normalized. These “great” attributes have been brought to Europe due to Europe’s fear of being labeled racist and the supposed guilt from ww2. Hey Europe my grandfather and many like him saved ur ungrateful ass from hitler. You will not be saved this time. Europe will be rotten to the core in 15 years! Europe, You have imported the culture of rape and lawlessness to your land! It’s over!

  5. Los cuinis been in that market for decades.

  6. Uh Whitey, this is some dire news you post. I've always worked with immigrants and although they arrive unskilled years ago they have learned many crafts. Without them, USA would not have anything. They provide a desire to learn, work and earn. Their family structures are broken not because of, they just want to work and take care of their families back home.

    Europe, has been at a crossroads forever, Ghengis Khan, etc. Christian, Muslim, Orthodox, all contributed to a rich culture. Sure they have their problems, but who doesn't? Morrocan has, Lebanese Yellow, Netherland home grown chemists, and you can't discount the Germans, are not immigrants.

    Nationalism never works as far as I can see. Stop the hate speech and fear mongering. Doesn't resound with me, pendent.

    1. Whitey E coyote
      He is barred from owning guns.
      I do agree he has some wierd azz issues.


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