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Monday, October 4, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Organized Crime Hangs A Man, Kills 2 Other Males

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Violence runs through the country and the state with a high share of human lives. An incessant violence in El Mineral, firearms were used in all cases. 

This Sunday was a day of shock and mourning for Fresnillense families in the face of the incessant criminal violence that claimed the lives of at least three people. A man who was hanged and allegedly tortured found suspended from his neck in the community of El Salto in this subdivision. 

It was in the early hours of the day that a warning went out to the Emergency Services to report the body of a male hanging from a tree. According to initial accounts, he had been beaten and shot.

Near the body, the police also found a message from a criminal group written on a cardboard.

Another man was wounded and one more injured by gunfire on Juan de Tolosa Street, Avenue Hombres Ilustres, this Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards, a crime against a male was reported in the Valle neighborhood where he lived, his relatives identified him minutes later.

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  1. But o only 1 or 2 homicides happen a month, says ALMO.

  2. Only Community police can and should take control, the munecepales, estatales, federales, melitary, are just too corrupt, murdering and expensive

  3. 2:29 tell the municipales, the estatales, federal police, guardia nacional, presidents municipal, or the main public security guy in the state, the governor...
    Of course, if only AMLO's chicharròn suits your ass, then keep up your BS, it's free.

  4. Readers, google the maps on these places. They are on the fringe, barrios of the places we label as Fresnillo or Zacatecas. Yes, many live in fear, but for the most part the violence is on the fringe and directed as cartel vs cartel, either for retail sales on the corners, or heating up the plaza, trying to grease their way through towns with their loads. The high bidder wins, just like in America. Their is always, wasted collateral, sad.


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