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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Nuevo Zirosto, Michoacán: La Mera Verga Executes 3 Kidnappers

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Armed subjects get three men out of a vehicle and shoot them to death, they also placed a card with a message on them, on the Uruapan-Peribán highway, in the place known as Barranca Seca de Nuevo Zirosto.

Everything was recorded this Sunday afternoon, when the police received a report from local residents about three men lying on the public highway.

The police arrived at the site where they located on the street the corpses of three men who had gunshot wounds and a cardboard with a message that was not revealed.

Witnesses assured the uniformed men that armed subjects arrived aboard vehicles and lowered the victims and placed them on the floor, to later shoot them to death.

With calmness, the murderers placed a piece of cardboard on them, and then they fled.

Minutes later, the staff of the State Attorney General's Office arrived, which started the investigation folder and later transferred the three bodies to the local SEMEFO.

Warning: Graphic Pictures 

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