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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Jantetelco, Morelos: Local Residents Try Lynching Two Alleged Criminals

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

During the early hours of Monday, residents of the Amayuca community, in Jantetelco, detained two alleged criminals, and tried to do justice with their own hands due to the lack of security in the State of Morelos.

At 1:00 a.m., the criminals were apprehended in a house on Morelos Avenue, in Amayuca, in Jantetelco, for which the owner asked for help through social networks, summoned the population to lynch them.

The inhabitants subdued the alleged thieves and burned their vehicle, later the Police arrived to transfer them to the municipal jail, but the residents almost achieved their task of doing justice by their own hand.

La Crónica de Morelos

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