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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Iguala, Guerrero: The La Sierra Cartel Reduces The Price Of Tortillas

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

On Monday morning, in several tortilla shops in the city, cards were stuck in which the armed group identified as "La Sierra" announced the decrease in the price of tortillas in the municipality of Iguala.

This was stated on the cards, as part of the commitments not to extort or abuse the population.

"Facts not words. Supporting the population, starting today, kg of tortillas from 26 to 23 pesos, kg of flour from 15 to 12. Zero quotas and extortion! Sincerely, La Sierra"; it was read.

So far there is no reaction from the municipal, state or federal authorities regarding this fact, however, it has caused positive and negative reactions among citizens.

Valor por Tamaulipas


  1. Animo Sicarios!
    $3 pesos off the price of tortillas ay no mas esta mas barato que en el "Guarmar"

    Saludos a las buchonas.
    "Soy la 69
    Soy la chingona que salió de Riverside
    La que siempre quiso más
    A lo que me dediqué
    Fue cumplir cosas que desde niña soñé (heee)"

    1. Sicario, set up a P.O. Box and I will send you a bottle of my favorite tequila
      Tres Generaciones añejo

  2. Will they also reduce the price of the piso, they charge the tortilla factory.

  3. If only this cartel was true. The People of Mexico need a relief from inflation. It's not like the government cared about its citizens anyway. Rather, put a cap on items.

  4. Should have been 26 to 20 and 15 to 10 lol

  5. What an accomplishment they're the Envy of everyone. Now convince the government to raise the minimum wage for everyone .

  6. La Sierra Cartel reduced price on tortillas. Hummmm great the cartel members work at the tortilla factory, now that's was I call earning the money honestly. Wait and now they are reducing the price. Talk about not robbing or killing people.
    Hurray for the Sierra cartel!


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