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Monday, October 4, 2021

León, Guanajuato: Cartel Jalisco Narco Messages Threaten Police Personnel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This morning several narco messages from the "Elite Group" of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel "CJNG" were located in different parts of the city.

As standard police procedure they were removed by the authorities. And turned over to the local Attorney Generals office. 

Narco message reads as follows:

This message goes out to all the police personnel of León, Guanajuato. We, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel don’t mess with the government. We once again warn everyone not to give support to Manuel aka “La Loca” or “00”. The same goes for the La Union de León group. 

Otherwise, we will fucking destroy you. In the same manner that we hit the municipal policeman Luis Eduardo. You’ve already seen for yourselves how these faggots couldn’t defend themselves. Be fucking ready. Because for every one of our operatives who is apprehended from our enterprise. 

We will kill off 2 of yours. The same fate will apply for everyone who is selling blue crystal meth for these homos. Just as well the same goes for all the car thieves, transportation larcenists, extortionists, kidnappers, and turncoats who are selling blue meth without the proper label. 

The city of León already has an owner. And the state of Guanajuato belongs to Mencho. You all know that we hold no fear. Mencho will be respected in the municipality of León. Along with the whole state of Guanajuato you sons of fucking bitches. And as for you Manuel Reyna. 

Prepare yourself and come the fuck out to fight us. You already know who I am. And I’m going to destroy you and all your men. Along with anyone else who supports you for being a cheap and traitorous person. Sincerely, Cartel Jalisco. Grupo Elite. Our strength lies in our unity. 

La Voz del Pueblo


  1. They come to clean the police to get out of town, but I thought Cjng are Angels.

  2. Three articles back they were announcing that they don't mess with the police. Lol. Quien les entiende.

    1. Maybe they’ve got some bipolar hitmen within their ranks. Lol.

    2. And they say they come to clean the town of extortionist, kidnappers, rapist, but yet they do the same.

  3. I'm thinking about investing in a printer/sign making company in mex anybody want to partner up?

  4. Cartel harrassing the Police department, give me a break.

  5. If you guys don't know, cops work for cartels.
    Whenever a cartel takes over an area, one of the first things they do is go after crooked cops.

    1. Thats literally the first thing they do. That and the small time politicians. Most the time is the police doing the kidnappings murder and extortions because who the hel u gunna call if the cops do it to u lol

    2. Sosa who am I going to call, well

    3. 1:49 are you referring to Mexica 1. Your right the handle sounds dumb.
      It could have been Mexican 1
      But you can't go correcting people that are dumb, you get no where.

    4. @422 yes you got a point Bro.

    5. Maybe you idiots need to learn about that name.
      It's not an insult, it's not like I'm calling Mexico a female by putting an a at the end.
      Learn your history tontos!

    6. 5:41 you see what I mean. Not worth correcting a dumb person, he is already calling everyone in here idiots and Tonto's, just ignore his comments, best thing to do.

    7. 8:13 Now I'm the dumb one 😆
      You clowns are hilarious.
      I call it how it is bro?
      Look at how you two little girls were attacking me because of my name?
      Yes, your both pendejos!


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