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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Matamoros, Tamaulipas: Armed Men Clash With Military In The Streets

“Guerrero” for Borderland Beat

Between bullets, the day began in Matamoros after armed men and elements of the Army carried out a chase and shoot-out in various areas of the city.

The shooting was so intense that in various videos that circulate on social networks, the sound of the projectiles can be heard when passing closely by where the people who captured the images of the events were.

It is observed how a convoy of vans and cars make their way at high speed to escape through Constituyentes Avenue .

Right in this area, a flea market is installed on weekends that was already full of people making purchases.

In the videos, you can hear the beginning of the shooting and how they are approaching to where the street market is, which generates panic and confusion among those who were in the area.

Just as it approaches, the people in the street market throw themselves to the ground to avoid being hit by a projectile.

With information from ApariciónAll Source News, El Mañana de Nuevo Laredo, LaJornada

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