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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Tepalcatepec, the Battlefield between Self-Defense Groups and CJNG in Michoacán

"Guerrero" for Borderland Beat

The confrontations between the two groups for control of the territory can endanger the harvest of several tons of lemons, sorghum, fruits, vegetables and grains, which could generate losses in the inhabitants. the clashes between the CJNG and the self-defense groups endanger the crops in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán. (Jorge Carballo)

The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and the self-defense groups fight every inch of Tepalcatec, Michoacán's land by land and air. The self-defense groups raised a drone to see the position of their rivals entrenched on a hill.

"They are reporting to me that the jotillos out there bring drones so that 08 (alerts) gets well," can be heard on a communication radio frequented by the self-defense groups to detect the conversations of members of the CJNG.

In the war that the self-defense groups and the Jalisco Cartel have been waging for several months, the group led by El Mencho maintains dominance in at least 75 rancherías in Tepalcatepec . A new threat is heard in the scanner: the hitmen warn that they will launch an "RPG" missile against the self-defense groups.

"The Kaibiles have arrived, he affirms, he affirms, I only need the one from the RPG."

The eyes of the self-defense groups are fixed on the sky, the risk of an attack with explosive devices is latent. The atmosphere becomes tense, the self-defense groups hide in a trench dug a few meters from a gorge that reveals the hill where their rivals are hiding.

They decide to lower the drone to minimize risks , in the scanner it is heard again: "look for the fat drones and the skinny drones" those in charge of piloting the drones loaded with explosives of the Jalisco Cartel, on the radio one of the criminals says: "They are in the bathroom, but right now they come with charged batteries. "

The self-defense groups, a group of no more than five people, take advantage of the moment to come down from the hill because they know that they are close to being attacked. Upon reaching the slopes of the hill that adjoins Plaza Vieja, a shocking roar echoes throughout the ranch, a drone launched an explosive device without hitting any target.

Two weeks ago, the inhabitants of the ranches under drug control fled their homes,leaving behind their personal belongings , animals and crops.

Farmers who have tried to return to their land or their homes , are attacked with explosives fired from drones and landmines planted on the premises invaded by criminals.

"We already have two months that we are not going to see what we have sown and right now it is about harvesting, and if not, then we put in this month I think we are going to withdraw from here because we will no longer be able to harvest" said Adán Venga , inhabitant of the town.

Juana Francisca, a former member of the Tepalcatepec self-defense groups, warned that if they did not harvest lemons, sorghum and other grains, fruits and vegetables, by next week at the latest, they would lose close to one billion pesos.

"Look, these are numbers that maybe people will say a lot but they are close to 900 million pesos or more that are at risk of being lost due to this situation that is prevailing in the municipality of Tepalcatepec. It is a municipality, let's say 99 percent agricultural , here are included the losses of cattle, pigs that are lost and that walk around in the loose parcels. "

Some of the affected communities are: Plaza Vieja, La Romera, Carapuato, Primavera, Las Peñitas, Loma Blanca, El Bejuco, Los Horcones, Las Juntas, El Molino, Limonera, Mesas del Terrenate, Los Mojos, Terrenatillo and La Bocanda. In the first, a camp of soldiers was attacked with explosives launched from drones, fortunately no injuries were reported.

Source: HEARST (flagged map from 9/4/2021 BB Report)


  1. They are not self defence groups they are viagra and abuelo cartel people.
    They also work with ASFARC in colombia
    They hide behind the self defence name but they are a cartel.
    They extort the locals so i cant wait till cjng take out those cowards.
    Sadly i cant say "i wish amlo will help michoacan" because i would be ignorant to the fact that AMLO wont do nothing but say mexico is safe..
    Abrazos no balasos and blabla bla

    1. You are stupid. Wtf do you think cjng be doing? Taking care of the locals? Wow you're an idiot

    2. Mexico 1, Abuelos people are not cowards, cjng tries to invade Abuelos town, lots of CJNG will die.

    3. Pichon, i have read your comments in the past so this idiotic response was expected from you.
      I would elaborate but you wont comprehend..

    4. Pichon, listen to Mexica, he knows everything about CJNG, he's their biggest fan. Captain of the cheerleading squad. According to Mexica, all CJNG grupo Elite wear a superman shirt under their tactical airsoft uniforms...

    5. you are right. These SD groups are cartels just calling themselves SD groups.

  2. Wasn't there a recent public statement given to its citizens by military that CJNG were ousted from Michoacan?
    Que no verguenza tienen estos politicos!

    1. Depends where you get the info. If you get it from a second hand source as a regurgitated news article you will get misleading information. If you actually listen to the whole 2hour long speech given by the Military General you will realize that he says, they were involved in several confrontations with delinquent groups who time after time would retreat into the mountains of Jalisco. Never did the General say they were ousted, but as I mentioned, different media outlets reword information to fit a narrative.

  3. So is cjng being successful in taking over Abuelo's territory or are they being fought off?

  4. We need Mayo Zambada on this state to keep the population safe. Mayo Is the only real leader.

    1. Really? Mayo keeps people safe? Then how come Sinaloa has been obscenely high rapes, trafficking of girls/women, femincides, and overall savagely continuous acts on girls and women. Cartel members routinely pick and choose which young girls they wish to take or intimidate families of said girls to give them over! That’s fucking safe? Another disgusting serial raping serial killing cartel cheerleader. Your part of the problem by toue glorification of these scum bags Mayo for sure included in that

    2. Miss H.
      Whitey is off his meds again, can you make sure he takes them, thanks.

    3. Whitey thinks I’m pert of the problem because I see Mayo Zambada as good leader. Mmmmmm. You might be right. But I don’t use drugs. I don’t sell drugs. I don’t do deals with drug lord just to get information so they can be out in 10 years. And. I don’t agree whit military grade weapons to be sold. So. At the end of the day I feel comfortable with my guilt.

    4. Hey Paisa Mayo didn't keep Cholo Flechas safe

  5. There was a recent public statement that CJNG has been driven to the border of Michoacan/Jalisco. So much for Morelia conference, that AMLO attended as well. Notice the battles are moving further into Michoacan as far as my eyes can tell. House of mirrors

  6. Smash el abuela and the viagras already lol.. always crying to the media like if they dont do all kinds of shit to the people

  7. The worst kind of anger is born.. Inside someone with a good ❤
    Yours truly,
    Don Mencho🐓🐓

  8. CJNG bunch of TWAKERS... I remember in 2014 when they started making noise... Now their just pathetic... Go cook some dope behind a bush

  9. Anybody know off hand what kind of gun that guy has in 4th pic from top? It has a round thingamajig. I don't know anything about guns other than I support them. Curious gun...hmmm? Any ideas?

    1. I can't really tell from the photo but if I had to guess it looks like a AKM with a drum mag.


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