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Monday, September 6, 2021

Sonora On Fire: Caborca Cartel & CDS Clash, Then Shoot At Police, At Least 4 Cartel Members Killed

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Update 9/8/2021: It is now being reported that one of the officers, Hiram Roberto Echeverrí, has died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the attack. He was the brother of Jesús Humberto Echeverrí, another police officer who died in Hermosillo in May 2021. Another officer was reportedly kidnapped during the attack.  Update Source

On September 6, 2021 in Pitiquito, Sonora it is being preliminarily reported that clashes  between the Caborca Cartel and a Sinaloa Cartel affiliated group devolved into a shooting between cartel members against the State Police, leaving at least 4 cartel members dead and 2 officers injured.

According to Uno TV, it is believed that the state police were conducting a surveillance tour in Pitiquito, when they detected the movement of armed men who then opened fire on them.

Other versions allege residents of the area called the 911 emergency line to report an active shooting that was taking place in the central sector of the town between two different rival cartel groups.

The first responders to the scene were elements of the Pitiquito Municipal Police and later the State Police arrived on scene to provide support. In the most recent videos on social media, Army (SEDENA) and National Guard soldiers can be seen supporting police officers as well. 

Video Source: Calvarie_Locus, no graphic content in video

Sonora Secretariat of Public Security (SSP)  that four alleged cartel members have died from the confrontations. Noticieros.Televisa reports two State Police officers have been injured.

While Expreso reports that only one officer has been injured and they add that unofficially it is known that the officer injured is believed to be the brother of the deceased Commander Echeverría, killed in May 2021. 

Video Source: Codigo Rojo, no graphic content in video

According to the director of the State Police, Alfonso Novoa, there were more than 20 minutes of confrontation in the downtown area of ​​Pitiquito where the state police managed to neutralize the gunmen.

A “code red” was activated and a search operation was implemented in northern Sonora, local security personnel was alerted and told to intensify operations searching for members of organized crime. The Sonora Attorney General's Office later arrived at the scene in order to document and collect evidence. 

The most controversial video to emerge from today’s confrontations, as seen below, shows cartel hitmen on a highway, crossing a concrete median while shouting in the direction of a vehicle of National Guard members. The cartel hitmen can be heard telling the soldiers to “calm down” , almost as a kind of scolding or vague warning. As well as saying “All good compa [colleague/buddy], all good”.

Video Source: La Voz de Puebla, no graphic content in video

It is unknown which cartel group was seen in the above video talking to the National Guard members but some cartel blogs such as La Voz de Puebla are reporting is was Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) affiliated groups.

So, which cartel group is believed to be behind the police shooting? Uno TV reports that “It is presumed that the criminals were part of an organized crime group in the town of Pitiquito , which also operates in the neighboring municipality of Caborca.” Which implies Uno TV believes it was Rafael Caro Quintero’s Caborca Cartel. 

Video Source: ArcangeFantasma, no graphic content

Other versions have alleged the event began with a fight between Sinaloa Cartel's (CDS) Los Cazadores and Caborca Cartel members, then police were pulled into the fight when they were called to respond. There are currently narco road blockades being reported in the surrounding area according to local twitter users.


Pitiquito municipality, and Pitiquito town especially, lies in an interesting spot strategically because it is in between the town of Altar and the city of Caborca. Caborca municipality and Caborca city are believed to be controlled by the Caborca Cartel which is led by Rafael Caro Quintero.

Los Salazar’s armed wing Los Cazadores, which is CDS Los Chapitos allied, are believed to control the municipality of Altar. As such, Pitiquito is sandwiched between two regions controlled by rival groups.

Just recently on August 28, 2021 it was reported Loz Cazadores posted a narcomanta on a bridge over the Internacional highway in Pitiquito, Sonora which threatened the local chief of police, as previously covered on Borderland Beat.  

Following the threats, there have been intermittent reports of police officers in Pitiquito being shot at and houses in Pitiquito being heavily damaged from gunfire, with the owner of said residences unclarified. 

More Videos and Photos

Video Source: Diario24Horas, no graphic content

Video Source: the_hdsptm, no graphic content

Alleged photos of road blockades.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

Sources: Noticieros.Televisa, Expreso, Tv Azteca, Uno TV , Reporte Indigo


  1. I could care less about these bitches, R.I.P Mr Micheal Williams aka omar little. Unfortunately the game ends in prison, death, or addiction. Nobody wins

    1. Just the guys on top
      Not those chapos or MAYO but the ones that nobody knows that are calling the shots..
      Cienfuegos, Calderon, pena nieto ext ext
      They get millions to look the other way but will never be held accountable..
      On the U.S. side there are many that get away with running the drug game too
      The majority loses but only a few benefit..

  2. Great job 👍, Cartel men die in a shootout. Good back up available on this one.

  3. No entiendo porque los Sonorenses se andan matando por gente k ni conosen, es la triste verda...AKA pendejos

    1. 7:48.. yo tampoco entiendo pq peliarse si el pastel es grande para todos.. como en nogales y mira cada quien su lado sin problemas… si llegaran a un acuerdo y dejarse de pendejadas(pq creo k guerra les cuesta mucho dinero) .. ese día era la estatal contra la gente de altar (cazadores) que entraron a Pitiquito y pues fueron recibidos con abrazos por los estatales. .. +1 comandante de la estatal tmb muerto y otro herido.. por magdalena les pegaron duro a los de altar y ahora estos enfrentando al gobierno por Pitiquito y la regios… les estan pegando duro por ambos lados (magdalena y área de altar, esto se va poner más interesante cuando llegue el nuevo gobernador electo Alfonso durazo. Haber que pasa


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