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Monday, September 6, 2021

Multiple Seizure Operations Across Tamaulipas Nab Firearms, Vehicles, Drugs and Ammo

The following is a translation of a Proceso article written by journalist Luciano Campos Garza

State police arrested uniformed officers from Diaz Ordaz for serving organized crime, and seized weapons, cartridges, drugs and monster cars in operations carried out between last Friday and Saturday in various border municipalities, informed the Tamaulipas Public Security Secretariat.

In five raids that were carried out in the municipalities of Miguel Aleman, Camargo and Diaz Ordaz, a total of six radios, eight cars, 25 weapons, 35 bulletproof vests, more than 21,000 bullets of various calibers, 710 magazines and 191 kilos of marijuana were seized.

In Diaz Ordaz, members of the Special Operations Group (GOPES) arrested four people from the Transit and Civil Protection departments, who are accused of working for criminals. In the same operation, two vehicles were seized.

In Camargo, the special agents seized two armored cars known as monstruos, as well as four light vehicles, 2,300 50 caliber cartridges, 1,600 bullets of other calibers, five long arms, 48 magazines, 6 radios, 6 vests and tire irons.

In Miguel Aleman, in two operations, the GOPES found 191 kilos of packaged vegetable narcotics, 20 weapons, 422 magazines, 16,621 cartridges and 29 vests. Also, in a pit, 829 bullets and 240 magazines were seized.

The detainees and the material found were handed over to the ministerial authorities, who are following up on the corresponding investigation.

"The Ministry of Public Security and the Special Operations Group reaffirm the State Government's commitment to continue carrying out actions to maintain peace, order and the rule of law for the benefit of the people of Tamaulipas," the bulletin concludes.

Sources: Luciano Campos Garza for Proceso


  1. Excellent 👍 catch. GOPES seems to be doing a better job, at catching kidnappers, weapons. Will the weapons get destroyed and melted down for rebar?

  2. Why are there so many raids,busts and arrests in the north-east yet we don't hear much from the authorities in the north-west?🤔🤔🤔

    1. Because the northeast is Fractured even worse cdn and too many "cdg" cells

  3. Usually they go after one cartel

  4. Sooooo are they going to sell the ammo??? Asking for a friend

    1. Ammo is expensive these days

    2. It is, thank God that work gives me a box or 2 a month but still at Cabelas it's 60 bucks for a box of 100 45acp

    3. Hearst what is going on with the high cost of Ammo. I remember at Turner's before the pandemic the price of 9mm a box of 50 was $9.99 now it's $32.00 .
      The ammo manufacturer companies are getting rich. Perhaps they have some gold in them.


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