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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Los Metros Leader "M-27" José Alfredo Hernández Campos Killed

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The leader of Los Metros, a faction of the CDG that operates in the Tamaulipas region, was killed on the afternoon of September 3 with several gunshots

A month and a half after his capture and rescue in Tamaulipas, on Friday night following a fight with the Mexican military, it was reported the death of José Alfredo Hernández Campos, alias Comandante Calamardo and/or Metro 27, head of the plaza for the Gulf Cartel (CDG), which operated in several municipalities of the state. One image shows the M27 lying in the back of a pickup truck, with a white shirt full of blood from his left armpit to his chest. The floor of the vehicle is also bloody on the part of the drug dealer's head.

The tattoos on his right arm reveal the identity of this member, as they are the same as those seen in the photograph taken when he was captured on July 12 in Tamaulipas. It should be remembered that the arrest of Hernández Campos was carried out on July 12, as reported by Borderland Beat by the Special Operations Group (GOPES). This drug-trafficking leader was wanted for drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, blocking of train tracks, attacks on the forces of order, and dismantling of surveillance cameras.

Cesar Morfin Morfin "El Primito" reportedly offered up to MXN$1 million (approximately US$50,000) to anyone who helped release Hernandez Campos.

However, 24 hours later he was rescued by several heavily armed civilians, who forcibly entered the facilities of the state Attorney General's Office (FGJ), in Reynosa, to remove the leader of Los Metros. Those responsible for this act, who wore tactical uniforms, heavy-caliber weapons and traveled in vehicles with artisanal armor known as "monsters", fled as soon as they completed the rescue of the hitman.

Los Metros, an organization he headed, have their base of operations on the northern border of Mexico. In addition, they have a presence in the municipalities of Díaz Ordaz and Valadeces near the Ribereña highway, located south of the Texas communities of Los Ébanos and La Grulla. This faction is in competition against other factions of the Gulf Cartel, such as Los Escorpiones and/or Los Ciclones.

It could also provoke a war within Los Metros, as the members of this faction would seek to stay with the leadership and cause its fragmentation. This cell was created by José Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, alias El Coss, the former right-hand man of Osiel Cárdenas, with the intention of taking the power of the Gulf Cartel away from the Cárdenas Guillén family.

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    look at this.. allegedly the first guy talking is Cesar Morfin Alias El Primito or M300 Jeffe Supremo de Metros CDG who says something along the lines of ..
    "Youre all wrong, he who is with 'Pezon'.. 'Pezon' is a traitor"...

    Then later in the recording they said something along the lines of whoever wants to jump ship and come to our side is still welcomed to do so now. Before its too late." And some other stuff i cant make out..
    Locals commented on some other posts regarding these incidents with los Metros saying stuff like this
    Interesting news. Im real interested in seeing whats going to happen with Los Metros..
    "Primito has the political ties now. Its why his ascent to Jefe Supremo within Metros was not contested when he had El Metro 90/Choco assassinated. According to multiple twitter pages these are highly probable rumors
    Primito made a deal with the govt officials that protected Vaquero and his main political associates/ally is Govenor "Cabeza De Vaca" paying him $3M USD and Piso % and Furia Negra stays off for most part as long as no se pasan de verga
    . Primito made a deal with the New commander Vicente AntonioHernandez Sanchez with wjay he considered the lesser evil on condition he recieve a lump some initially and maintain the peace treaty between the other CDG Capos

    Interesting fact about Primito and Pezon.. Pezon had already tried to murder Primito a while back but the attempt failed and after that there was problems until according to one guy Mencho and Primito/Flacco Sierra made th alliance and Pezon was "forgiven" on request of Jalisco cartel to svoid internal beef snd or losing Pezons Area of comand/Plaza. Noe this happened.
    Primito is stil majority ruler in CDG but lost Pezon and two other smaller Cmdts Leno and Sanchez (Leno is dead already) and Calamardo and rumor is he betrayed Primito but to me makes no sense as it was confirmed that Primito paid for his release

  2. Where is he from

    There wasan hernandez old skool cdg in matamoros that was federal cop in mid 90s

    1. He's from colima..
      Primito is holdin it down with help from CJNG..
      Smart move by mencho to click up with this guy and have connections to cross to Texas border..

    2. Yup and Mencho needs a clear path through Zacatecas to get there

    3. 7:48 - Do you remember his full name? Was he one of the original Metros based in Matamoros?


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