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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Guanajuato: Cartel Jalisco Video Interrogation Of Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima Operatives

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A new video from the Mexican underworld has just surfaced online. For this broadcast 2 video interrogations have been spliced together to form 1 complete narrative. 

The following film consist of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) questioning a male followed by a female captive. According to the narco message at the end the woman is said to be related to Cañas and Dalugas, family members within the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.  

These captured operatives are alleged to have formed a part of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL) in the state of Guanajuato. 

Their subsequent execution is not to be seen. Nonetheless they are believed to have been executed and dismembered off camera. A narco message along with a narco ballad is what the video ends with. 

This film has been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What all did they offer you?

Captive: I was offered safety. More than anything it was also extended to my family along with protection. 

Sicario: Did they keep their word?

Captive: No. 

Sicario: What message would you like to say to the Cartel Santa Rosa?

Captive: The truth is that you guys need to leave this area. Because the Cartel Jalisco New Generation has arrived. And they’re that grand dick cartel here. 

Sicario: Stop killing off innocent civilians you fucking always running away from us filthy fucks. M1, R5, and Cañas come on out to that armed confrontation you cheap fucks. Let it be made clear that the city of Celaya as well as the state of Guanajuato already has an owner. We’ve arrived in position to command in position. Sincerely, Cartel Jalisco New Generation. 

Sicario #2: What would you like to say to the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima?

Female Captive: Don’t waste your time trying to look like immature like us. Our counterparts are traitors. Stop following the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima. 

Sicario #2: Is there a specific message that you’d like to send out to everyone within the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima?

Female Captive: The Cartel Jalisco New Generation has arrived. Today it’s my turn lose. And tomorrow we’ll see who’s next. 

Sicario #2: Well, there it is you filthy fucks Cañas, Delugas and Camarón. Come on out to the armed confrontation you murderers of innocent civilians. Fight us instead head on. We’re already here in the city of Celaya. As well as the whole state of Guanajuato. We’ve arrived to stay here. We are the absolute Cartel Jalisco New Generation. Grupo Elite

Narco message reads as follows:

Ricardo Adrian Ruiz Moreno aka ‘Cañas’ and Antonio Lozano Lara aka ‘Dalugas’. We’ve left your aunt Diana Calderon Vargas here for you. This was her fate for having sold blue crystal meth, extorting, and hiding firearm. 

You filthy fucks who are always running away from us couldn’t even come out to defend your family members. As soon as you saw us coming you ran away from us. You left your aunt to die alone. Much in the same way you’ll also allow the few operatives that you have left to die alone. 

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  1. These mantas are all the same. Come out and fight. The plaza already has an owner. The big pinga has arrived. I think they just copy each other and fill in the blanks.

  2. CSRL waits for CJNG to come to them, then sets them up in crossfire. David and Goliath.

  3. They should contact the local church and arrange a dusk til dawn lock in so they can work out there differences they can have a bunch of pizzas and or one of those 20 foot sub sandwhich things all the pop they can drink but come 7 am they better have figgured it out or they will be reported to the competent authorities and forced to attend counseling and hours of community service . There problem solved . Your welcome .


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