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Saturday, September 4, 2021

“I Don't Want Gunfire Or Gossip," The Gulf Cartel Thus Organizes The Rearrangement Of The Border Plaza

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat  

After a betrayal by Comandante Calamardo the narco trafficker behind the massacre of Guatemalan migrants - the Gulf Cartel is thus organized, we have the audio here.

On social networks, an audio circulates where alleged drug traffickers from the Gulf Cartel (CDG) agree on the operation in the area of the border state of Tamaulipas in Mexico, where they operate.

"I don't want any gunfire or an gossip…this problem lies only with Sánchez and Leno, this is just against them. Everything here will be fixed once and for all, everyone hold your positions. I want a report from everyone, as well as an acknowledgment of agreement so that the filthy fools don't come in," you hear the subject say who is allegedly a subject identified as El Flako Sierra who speaks via radio.

According to social media reports, Sánchez and Leno wanted to betray the head of the Gulf Cartel, Los Metros, César Morfín, alias El Primito or El Metro 300 who is allied with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Tamaulipas and Zacatecas.

As a result of that betrayal, Leno was already executed and that murder was added to that of José Alfredo Hernández Campos, alias Metro-27, M-27 or Comandante Calamardo, who on July 12, after being arrested in the border municipality of Díaz Ordaz, was rescued by an armed criminal cell wearing military clothes.

According to local media, the leader of the armed wing Los Metros of the Gulf Cartel, El Primito offered a million dollars to the authorities who arrested him to release Commander Calamardo on the day of his arrest. And despite having operated to have him rescued everything indicates that it was he himself who ordered his execution after an alleged treason.

Comandante Calamardo, was wanted by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) for allegedly being the mastermind of the attack on the immigrant group in the municipality of Camargo, on January 22, where 19 citizens died, 16 of them Guatemalans.

Audio translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Keep traveling on your path. Past the 2 black hills. 

Sicario #2: Roger that bud. 

Sicario #1: Once in the central part go through the 2 de Enero street. 

Sicario #2: Copy that, copy that sir. 

Sicario #3: Where you at boss?

Boss: Here’s the deal everyone. I want everyone on the same page. There’s nothing wrong here. Everything is good right now. I don’t want any gunfire or gossip. I want everyone within their areas of operations. Everyone from Comales (Comales, Tamaulipas) needs to stay over there taking care of your positions. This problem here is currently just against Sanchez and Leno. Ok? Everything will be straightened out with only them and that’s it. Everything will be fixed. Everyone needs to maintain calm. Everyone hold your positions out there in Comales. This conflict with them will be fixed here. 

Sicario #4 Roger that boss. 

Boss: I want a report from everyone afterwards. Specifically from Barretal, Comales, and everyone else. This dispute isn’t against anyone else but these two individuals, Leno and Sanchez. I want everyone in agreement on this matter. I don’t want any gunfire or gossip. Everyone needs to take care of your positions out there in Comales. Don’t allow the dirty opponents in. 

La Opinión



    look at this.. allegedly the first guy talking is Cesar Morfin Alias El Primito or M300 Jeffe Supremo de Metros CDG who says something along the lines of ..
    "Youre all wrong, he who is with 'Pezon'.. 'Pezon' is a traitor"...

    Then later in the recording they said something along the lines of whoever wants to jump ship and come to our side is still welcomed to do so now. Before its too late." And some other stuff i cant make out..
    Locals commented on some other posts regarding these incidents with los Metros saying stuff like this
    Interesting news. Im real interested in seeing whats going to happen with Los Metros..
    "Primito has the political ties now. Its why his ascent to Jefe Supremo within Metros was not contested when he had El Metro 90/Choco assassinated. According to multiple twitter pages these are highly probable rumors
    Primito made a deal with the govt officials that protected Vaquero and his main political associates/ally is Govenor "Cabeza De Vaca" paying him $3M USD and Piso % and Furia Negra stays off for most part as long as no se pasan de verga
    . Primito made a deal with the New commander Vicente AntonioHernandez Sanchez with wjay he considered the lesser evil on condition he recieve a lump some initially and maintain the peace treaty between the other CDG Capos

    Interesting fact about Primito and Pezon.. Pezon had already tried to murder Primito a while back but the attempt failed and after that there was problems until according to one guy Mencho and Primito/Flacco Sierra made th alliance and Pezon was "forgiven" on request of Jalisco cartel to svoid internal beef snd or losing Pezons Area of comand/Plaza. Noe this happened.
    Primito is stil majority ruler in CDG but lost Pezon and two other smaller Cmdts Leno and Sanchez (Leno is dead already) and Calamardo and rumor is he betrayed Primito but to me makes no sense as it was confirmed that Primito paid for his release

    1. El calamardo is dead. He was on the side of el pezon and el flaco sierra whom quietly is back with los metros after being arrested when he became boss of los metros briefly. Some guy from guerrero and some other guy from michoacan that were close to el primito are dead. So you have el pezon el boludo el flaco sierra vs el primito and el mofles and some guy nicknamed el diablo. El primito is not even in tamaulipas so he is most likely going to get pushed out and one of the locals will take command. And to add to this mess the cdn sensing the opportunity have tried to send their men to take over the frontera chica from the west. Shit is hot in the reynosa camargo miguel aleman areas.

  2. What a mess! Sicario 006 needs to go down there with his higher tier of freedom fighters and show then how it's done. Cause we all know the big sinaloan capos hold his consejos with high esteem lol

  3. Why is having a relationship with the CDG Metros important to Mencho and CJNG?

    1. CDG has prime real estate. CJNG moves drugs through CDG border plaza and pays a piso

    2. In what border town and how long have they been moving their product through there for?🤔

    3. 9:06 cjng supplies cdg with GUNS, sicarios and drugs. Cdg let CJNG use their connections to pass drugs through their plaza with cjng paying no piso


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