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Sunday, September 12, 2021

León, Guanajuato: Grupo Elite Leaves 2 Corpses On Airport Boulevard

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Again they leave two bodies on León Airport Boulevard

Again, the airport boulevard was the perfect setting for members of a criminal group to leave two corpses with the typical seal of execution and their already unique cardboard mentioning the cause of the crime.

It was at 6 in the morning that police personnel were alerted to the discovery of two bodies lying on airport boulevard near a well-known hotel near the cut off to Santana.

Upon arrival, the uniformed men confirmed the finding to immediately guard the area and give notice to ministerial authorities personnel.

Both bodies were face up and had gunshot wounds, on top of them was a cardboard pertaining to organized crime, where it pointed out the reason for the crime against these two individuals.

So far the identity of both people is unknown, they will be taken to SEMEFO where the cause of death is determined along with their possible identity that helps clarify this criminal act registered in the Zapatera city.

Warning: Graphic Picture 

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  1. What, no cartel name?
    Carlos Zamarripa must be getting paid from all fronts before he finally goes away.

    1. Grupo Elite is an armed wing of CJNG in Guanajuato.

  2. Kill, kill all u guys know, a shame


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